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Aug 1, 2019 · Social media team structure in Share

Hi – We manage our team in-house, and although this varies by the size of institution, I've found that it's best to have at least two teams in social (depending on the institution that might be teams of one person each), and one manager. The first team should be tasked with prose or copy, the second visuals, and the social media manager keeps it all running.

Having a structure where everyone is good at everything, will result in a good social media presence. Having individuals who are great at one of the disciplines, will result in a great feed.

Jul 11, 2019 · Best Social Media Management Platform? in Give & Get Advice

Sprout is my favorite by far. The advanced plan offers so much for a very competitive price. Although it doesn't allow you to do everything you'd like on the major platforms (threading tweets & tagging photos on Twitter are the 2 things I'd wish they'd add), they do an amazing job of constantly improving and I believe they're a preferred Instagram partner, so reporting, scheduling IG stories, and posting carousels comes pretty easy on their platform.