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4 days ago · Photo storage? in Give & Get Advice

All the photos we use for social and marketing we currently store on a hard drive but that means I am the only one with access to them. I am looking for something cloud based so everyone can contribute and download as needed. Suggestions?

Fri, Nov 15 8:13am · How important are Facebook ratings? in Give & Get Advice

@audreylaine I don't have any wisdom to share – just wanted to say I am happy you will still be a part of the network and congrats on the new job!

Wed, Nov 13 1:50pm · Social Media Policies:Posts that technically don't contain PHI in Give & Get Advice

@DanHinmon never negative/mean but we deal with a lot of just plain negative/crappy subjects. Sometimes I want to scream on Twitter – Cancer sucks!

Thu, Nov 7 8:24am · How much is too much? in Give & Get Advice

Following! I have this debate with my coworker often. I feel like with algorithms, posting organically a few more times than normal increases our chances of SOMETHING being seen. But I don't know the algorithms – does posting too much hurt you?

Wed, Oct 16 9:16am · The quest for the gray badge. in Give & Get Advice

I liked this to show we are not alone, not because I liked that you are having trouble 🙂

Wed, Oct 16 8:35am · The quest for the gray badge. in Give & Get Advice

Anyone have luck getting the blue check mark on Instagram? I submitted our 990 and our 501c3 via the app and never heard anything back.

Thu, Oct 3 7:14am

Temi.com will also give you your first transcription free but the quality wasn't great. But once again, better than starting from scratch!

Wed, Oct 2 8:12am

For our shorter videos, I think auto captions is a great starting point but you do have to go back and proof/correct. But it is better than starting from scratch. I looked into some companies that will transcribe for you and it can get expensive (for a nonprofit).