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Fri, Aug 23 4:12pm · We started a podcast, feedback welcome in Share

Beautiful, Chris. Thanks for the time and will check this out. Roland

Fri, Aug 23 9:35am · We started a podcast, feedback welcome in Share

Hi Dr. Helmi: Love this. Getting local TV and radio is a great idea. Their listeners view them as family and will follow their lead. Thanks so much for much for time and smart thoughts. Roland

Fri, Aug 23 9:29am · We started a podcast, feedback welcome in Share

Awesome, Reed. Thanks so much for taking time to reply and offer some pointers. I'm a longtime listener. LOVED the episode with the True North guest. I learned a lot from her. I appreciated her comments about taking chances and going with a little edge. Here's one thing we tried that did well: https://www.novanthealth.org/healthy-headlines/an-all-women-team-in-the-or I chatted with Chris Boyer two years ago right after I started because I jumped into this job from journalism. He was a big help, too. Thanks again. Roland

Thu, Aug 22 7:02am · We started a podcast, feedback welcome in Share

Hi guys: Novant Health, based in NC started a podcast on popular/important health topics. We've got a few actually. I'm overseeing the Healthy Headlines channel, also the name of our news site. We're doing 10-minute bite-sized pieces but will be branching out over time. The easy part is coming up with content. The hard part is getting listeners. Love to hear from anyone who's had success. Here's the link.https://www.novanthealth.org/home/about-us/get-connected/novant-health-podcast.aspx?utm_source=all&utm_medium=podcast&utm_campaign=Vanity%20URL
Click "Anchor" to listen at your desk. We're at Spotify, etc.
Roland Wilkerson

Thu, Apr 4 3:10pm · Brand Journalism focusing on doctors? in Give & Get Advice

Hey Jeff: I owe you big time for laying things out in such detail for me. I SO appreciate it. I'm going to check out your site and will follow up with a few questions. Hope I can repay the favor some day.Roland

Wed, Apr 3 4:13pm · Brand Journalism focusing on doctors? in Give & Get Advice

Hey Dan, many thanks on CBD! It performed well in as a native content piece in a millennial-focused publication here. Your question on docs is dead on. I've been asked to research some kind of brand journalism site about our providers. I'm not seeing much out there. I think the idea is: If we had a site, or just a piece of our Healthy Headlines site focused on our doctors, what would it look like? I could provide more context in an email but don't want to burden you with the request. I appreciate the reply. Roland

Wed, Apr 3 2:39pm · Brand Journalism focusing on doctors? in Give & Get Advice

Hi there: I'm brand new to the group. Thanks for having me. I edit this content site https://www.novanthealth.org/healthy-headlines/ for Novant Health (NC and VA, 15 hospitals) and I'm curious what other healthcare organizations have done to single out coverage of their providers. That could be a microsite focusing on physicians within your bigger site, for instance. Currently we interview providers for a wide variety of stories, and do some profiles. I'm interested in whether others have gone deeper on covering doctors or somehow segmenting that coverage. Roland Wilkerson