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Tue, Oct 1 9:46am · LinkedIn Profiles for Docs in Give & Get Advice

Does anyone have a "cheat sheet" with instructions on building a LinkedIn Profile that you've provided to clients/physicians to get started? I'm editing info from LinkedIn Help, wondering if someone's already created something. Thank you!

Fri, May 3 8:42am · Physician Social Media Accounts in Give & Get Advice

@laurynb Thank you so much for the information, very helpful. I would greatly appreciate a copy of the document you use to collect info from the physicians. My email is tanya.racoobian@chenmed.com Thank you!

Mon, Apr 29 10:38am · Physician Social Media Accounts in Give & Get Advice

Our social media team is 25% of me, one person. We have 50-plus primary care medical centers across eight states. To help with the work we're looking to do on our physicians' social media accounts, we're hoping to bring in interns.

Fri, Apr 26 8:28am · Physician Social Media Accounts in Give & Get Advice

Thanks for asking this. I'm interested in best practices as well. To help grow our reach on LinkedIn, we're going to offer to populate our physicians' LinkedIn profiles. Has anyone else undertaken this?