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Thu, Sep 26 1:25pm · Conferences? in Give & Get Advice

I attended HMPS this year and it was excellent. I'm adding the Mayo conf next year. HIMSS is huge, so easy to get lost in it and really need a strategy if you're trying to meet with people.

Wed, Sep 25 12:05pm · Need Help with a New Product Rollout in Give & Get Advice

For those that are curious, here's an example that will be rolling out in the next couple of weeks. Basically, it allows a visitor looking for more specific information about a procedure to connect directly with the institution.

I'll gladly take any comments, critique, or questions. And thank you again for the feedback already shared.


Tue, Sep 24 5:03pm · Need Help with a New Product Rollout in Give & Get Advice


As always, your comments and insight are spot on. As the folks at Y Combinator say, figure out what a 10x value-to-cost price is and then adjust accordingly. We'll basically take your last paragraph and put it to work.

Thank you!


Tue, Sep 24 3:22pm · Need Help with a New Product Rollout in Give & Get Advice


Thanks for this, and you're confirming my suspicions.Ultimately, we'll need to measure this in conjunction with some of our early adopters. As we progress, I hope to be able to share some of our findings with the group.

Again, thanks!

Mon, Sep 23 11:40am · Need Help with a New Product Rollout in Give & Get Advice

I hope that the MCSMN brain trust can be of help here…

We've developed a new feature on our site( that will enable a health system to receive targeted web traffic. (Specifically, visitors that have shown interest in a particular topic/procedure/diagnosis).

My question is this: How do health systems place a dollar value on web traffic? In particular, is there a value that can be assigned to a visitor that comes to a landing page for infertility, or laparoscopic surgery, or celiac disease? (By way of example, a regional hospital marketing person once explained that a bariatric surgery lead was worth ~$500 to them.) And are there any particular considerations that health system marketing folks take into account as they look to drive web traffic and engagement?

Any insights or advice that folks can share would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


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Mon, Sep 23 10:23am · Top priorities to leverage the power of social media in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

This is a really great thread!!

@DanHinmon – There is a webinar or group conf call here!

Mon, Sep 23 10:17am · Social Media Calendar Platform in Give & Get Advice

Hi Charlotte,

If you're asking about outbound social media posting, we've used ZoHo Social, Hootesuite, and now OneUp. Plus we have a Twitter engine that we've built ourselves that sends out posts on behalf of our clients. The first three off the shelf products are for repeat posting of written content we generate(articles, interviews, blog posts, press releases) and for those instances when we need to do something ad hoc. I find that they are pretty much interchangeable in terms of features, and use OneUp because of the cost and because we can easily load multiple posts via spreadsheet.

Happy to discuss further if you'd like.


Fri, Sep 20 10:22am · How Your Physicians Can Create a Large Digital International Platform in Give & Get Advice

You happen to have a bunch of highly ranked topics. I'm happy to send the list along to you (or through Dan H.)