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Tue, May 12 3:17pm · Facebook Jobs Manager in Give & Get Advice

I have a recruiter that I would like to assign as jobs manager for my 51 Facebook pages. She has all the correct permissions, but is unable to create jobs, as she does not see "Job" under Create. I have gone back and forth with Facebook chat (Thank you, @rplattmmc for the direct link to FB Help) several times since April 15. They claim they do not have visibility into the Jobs portion of Facebook, so told us to Report a Problem. We both have reported it repeatedly. Still no answer. This is not a personal page issue, it is a business issue, and we cannot seem to get to the right place for help. Any ideas appreciated!

Tue, Mar 24 5:53am · How are you responding to the public's ask to make homemade masks? in Give & Get Advice

We are using N95 masks first, but are allowing people to make homemade masks in case of shortage. Something is better than nothing. I am also interested in responses regarding messaging around this.

Fri, Mar 20 12:44pm · Facebook Groups vs. Page for Video/Photo Sharing in Give & Get Advice

Hello ~ Being a senior housing company, we are not allowing visitors in any of our communities. That said, we have had several requests about sharing videos/photos with our residents from families and general public. What would be the best avenue for that? One master FB page for everyone to use, or perhaps a group? How it would work would be someone posts to the group/page, and any of our communities could go to it and stream it for their residents. Please let me know your thoughts. Or other alternatives for filesharing with the public?

Wed, Mar 11 10:21am · Third Party Negative Blog Comments -Respond, or Not? in Give & Get Advice

Good morning, We were published in a third party publication, and have received some negative comments. We respond to negative reviews, but are not inclined to respond to these comments. I defer to the clinical experts here, as to what you deem appropriate. Thank you! Angi


Tue, Feb 11 10:57am · Social Media at Work on Shared Devices in Give & Get Advice

We only have 1 or 2 staff at each site that are approved to post to social media, and it must be from an approved company device. We have not run into this issue, and am following for any insights!

Tue, Feb 11 10:54am · More Getting Things Done (GTD) Sessions Scheduled in Give & Get Advice

Thank you! I was so bummed I would miss the one 2/29, as I will be in San Diego for Social Media Marketing World! I will certainly plan on one of these!

Tue, Feb 11 10:53am · E-newsletters in Give & Get Advice

We have over 1,000 employees, and have only one newsletter, managed on the corporate level. We do a call for articles from all sites, then consolidate into one email.

Tue, Jan 28 11:49am

@mhatch, that is a great point!