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4 days ago · Social Media team sizes vs org size in Give & Get Advice

Thanks for your response, Keith. This article actually references the survey that got me started on finding more information about social media teams! The Sprout Social Index for 2019 had some really useful information, and to make the strongest case to leadership about expanding the social team, I really wanted to have information pertinent to healthcare.

I appreciate you sharing some insight into your organization!

5 days ago · FB Gray Verification Check Badge Update in Give & Get Advice

The grey badge is available to any business that can verify it's authenticity. The blue badge is currently not available to apply for, and Facebook seems to consider them on a case-by-case basis. I have heard that if you are spending a good amount of money on Facebook Ads and have a designated Ad Rep, that you can request it directly through that individual.

6 days ago · FB Gray Verification Check Badge Update in Give & Get Advice

Has anyone else used the phone call from Facebook to verify their page? We took an iPhone down to the switchboard of our hospital and requested a call from Facebook as we were standing there. The staff was prepped that there would be a robot call and they just had to take down a verification code. That worked pretty well, without the need for submitting documentation.

6 days ago · Social Media team sizes vs org size in Give & Get Advice

Thanks for the response, Linda. Yes, that does make sense. We also have a creative team that delivers graphics/photos/videos that get used on social media, but only since my arrival at the organization did we start creating content specifically for the medium. Prior to that mostly everything was repurposed from our TV spots or patient stories intended for the website.

We have quite a large marketing & communications team, (around 50 people) who are representing different service-lines. Their involvement in social is fairly limited to requesting content be pushed out on our channels when they need to meet service-line goals for website visits.

6 days ago · Social Media team sizes vs org size in Give & Get Advice

Thanks for your response, Mohammed. It's a bit of a blurry area to define because while there are individuals who contribute to social media, it is usually considered 1 out of many responsibilities that they have. Mostly they have little more than a few hours a week to commit to it.

I, on the other hand, am the only full-time employee working in the space – meaning, I have no other responsibilities beyond social media. Our organization is made up of close to 20,000 employees, incorporating 10 hospitals and around 100 practices.

If we took all of those limited hours dedicated to social media split across maybe 10 different employees, that might add up to 2-3 employees other than myself. Obviously, that's quite a fragmented team, and most of those individuals have no formal education/expertise in social media.

Fri, Aug 9 2:10pm · Social Media team sizes vs org size in Give & Get Advice

My boss and I are currently trying to make a case for hiring more staff for our social media team – I'm tapped! I think it would really help our case to learn how many people are staffed on hospital social media teams, and how that correlates with the overall number of employees.

The Sprout Social Index 2019 had some interesting data on this, but that's more broadly looking at all industries. According to their data, 37% of organizations with over 1,000 employees have 11+ people on a social team, 18% have 5-10, 22% have 3-5, and 22% have 1-2.

Is anyone willing to share this information about your team? Or do you know of somewhere that I might find this kind of data already out there?

Wed, Jul 17 8:17am · Separate social media channels by service line or department in Give & Get Advice

@tahoeforest – Wanted to chime in and share, since we have a lot of issues with rogue pages across social media. When I came on board about a year ago I took an audit across our system and found around 88 separate social accounts. A large majority of these were made before there were any rigid policies in place around creating a social account, so we put a freeze on creating new ones and try to encourage anyone looking for a new page to consider other options. Like others have said, we try to encourage people to feed content up to the bigger pages with well-established followings rather than starting from scratch.

I definitely agree that having a robust set of rules in place will help monumentally, as well as mandating that you have admin access to any new pages created!

Fri, Jul 12 12:46pm · Facebook Donations platform in Give & Get Advice

Ah, so it sounds like the limited information concern is valid. But, as you said, a donation is a donation.

Would you say, generally speaking, that you've seen the number/amount of donations increase since you moved to the native donations platform?

Thanks for your insight!

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