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Wed, Feb 12 10:56am · Social Media at Work on Shared Devices in Give & Get Advice

That sounds like it could potentially cause some problems. I would recommend connecting with your IT department about whether they have some protocol that forces accounts to log out when a computer is locked.

Would most employees opt to use their personal cell phones to access social media content? I know it's a tricky spot to explicitly ask them to do so for a work-purpose.

Tue, Feb 11 11:13am · Social Media at Work on Shared Devices in Give & Get Advice

We're a bit behind on this policy, in that there is only one official 'social media' mobile device and that's my work phone, accessible only to me. All other social media posts are made from desktop and laptop computers, and since those are protected by login information we haven't run into problems like this. We do have policies about locking and logging out of shared work stations in clinical areas, but our IT policy is to block all social media sites except for those in marketing that require access.

Tue, Feb 11 11:05am · Facebook comments & HIPAA in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Hey Megan, I've approached our legal team with this similar issue. I would definitely recommend touching base with your legal team to see if they have similar thoughts to ours.

The general consensus was that we should not be expected to make unreasonable assumptions about whether or not someone has legal custody of a child. If someone has posted a photo alongside a review of their child in the pediatrician's office, then it should be reasonable for us to assume that the individual is in a position to make healthcare decisions on the child's behalf. Furthermore, our legal team considered it to be very low risk in that extreme scenario in which the person does not have custody rights – they didn't think it was likely that anyone would come after the hospital directly as opposed to the person who made the post.

We keep reviews active on most of our pages, as we find it a useful tool for keeping an eye on potential problems and escalating them to Patient Experience. Every organization takes a different approach though, so I would recommend laying out the pros and cons and seeing whether your legal team is concerned about keeping them up.

Hopefully that is helpful – it is a confusing space and I think your legal team will be better at making recommendations.

Fri, Feb 7 11:17am · Philanthropy content on FB in Give & Get Advice

Thanks for your responses, Jeff. I'm lucky that philanthropy has always been amenable to my recommendations on social, and I've generally pushed for a soft-ask or "show your donations at work" as a means of acquiring donations.

Hopefully, I can convince leadership to adopt Facebook native donations so we can get a better picture of how successful our efforts are. For now, they seem to appreciate that my approach tends to do better on the engagement side.

We're also looking for ways to be able to make a very specific ask for donations – like funding a specific initiative/area of greatest need so that we can tell a better story and hopefully make a stronger appeal!

Tue, Jan 28 12:19pm · Philanthropy content on FB in Give & Get Advice

Thanks for sharing your approach, Lauryn! Time is always an issue, and I'm feeling especially spread thin these days.

With that said, I think my approach will be to try to direct some of the lower-engaging content towards a 'story' format on Facebook and focus on keeping the best posts in the feed. I think there's a good argument for trying to limit the number of times a day we are pushing out messages and identifying the most important messages.

Hopefully, philanthropy is OK with the approach. We have good data from last year's event that should demonstrate pretty clearly that posting messages throughout the day leads to pretty low-reach and engagement. If I had more time and resources, I'd probably be trying to spread the content onto another channel as well!

Fri, Jan 24 8:09am · Vaccine education TikTok prompts backlash, death threats in Share

I've heard of Shots Heard Round the World, but only in relation to this particular story. I'm glad to know of this resource for combating anti-vaxxers, and I'll definitely keep it tucked away.

We had an incident on one of our smaller pages that got out of hand very quickly. It was stunning just how quickly these individuals jumped on the attack. We did advise the page to remove the post very quickly, but primarily because their choice of language in the post was not clear and was not fully reflective of the views of the organization.

I'm very much in favor of health organizations standing their ground on contentious issues like vaccination, but having a plan and being ready to deal with backlash is absolutely critical these days.

Wed, Jan 22 11:11am · Philanthropy content on FB in Give & Get Advice

I've been working fairly closely with our philanthropy teams from our children's hospital and have found some content incompatibilities that we just can't seem to get around.

Historically, the philanthropy team used our Facebook account to elevate the donations of and to thank, businesses/sponsors for supporting the hospital. While I appreciate the desire/need to do so, I see a disturbing trend that this content typically performs dismally.

As of now, we're approaching a large annual philanthropic campaign called Radiothon (like a telethon, but it's a radio show run from the inpatient unit). I want to support the event and recognize how important it is, but I'm in dire need of some new perspectives on promoting an event like this.

Has anyone promoted something similar and seen success? Any fresh ideas?

Wed, Jan 22 9:32am · QR tracking in Platforms, Software, and Tools

Hey Karen, the QR code itself is just a visual representation of a URL – as long as you have the means to track the URL, you can track the use of a QR code. If you already use Google Analytics on your org's website, then you're pretty much already there! Are you familiar with UTM parameters?