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12 hours ago · The quest for the gray badge. in Give & Get Advice

Seeing the same thing on all of our verified pages!

12 hours ago · How do you like our new look? in Share

Wow! This is a surprise! I'm impressed. Looks very nice. I'll do some exploring and see if I run into any issues. Thanks 🙂

1 day ago · The quest for the gray badge. in Give & Get Advice

If you want an answer directly from Facebook, I'd recommend reaching out to them at this link – facebook.com/business/form/chat

Click the blue 'Get Started' button close to the bottom of the page. There should be an option to 'chat with a representative' after you select one of the options on the next screen.

At worst, they'll at least be able to give you a straight answer. At best, they might help you submit a verification request manually.

Good luck!

Tue, Sep 10 2:17pm · Social Channels for Individual Departments in Give & Get Advice

@annettecalteaux – Smart idea having a trial period. I do think that most people don't have a good understanding of just how intensive it is to run a social media channel. This gives them a taste, and I imagine it can be a wakeup call for some.

Mon, Sep 9 12:50pm · Social Channels for Individual Departments in Give & Get Advice

Hi Rhonda, when I came onboard I took an audit of all the social media channels and made a recommendation that we stop allowing the creation of new ones. My predecessor had a "soft" policy that allowed literally anyone to make a request for a new social channel, granted that they filled out a form justifying its existence and they would get approved.

We now require anyone wanting to establish a new channel to make their case to us directly, at which point we'll educate them on the intensity of resources required to run a social media channel, the difficulty of building and maintaining an audience, and strongly encourage them to utilize our existing channels as a platform to get meet their goals. For some applicants, just the process is enough to discourage them from pursuing it much further. For others, we have developed stronger relationships within the org and now work with them as a source of content.

This is a huge win-win in my mind. We don't have to deal with shutting down abandoned accounts, inevitable slip-ups, and PR crises, and they get their content in front of an audience without having to build one from scratch. We still have to suffer some rogue accounts that pre-date this policy, but I like to think that their days are numbered.

I think the risk of a non-communications professional running a public-facing social media profile is far too great. Even our official pages have slip-ups that create fire-drills.

Hope that helps. And I'm the only full-time social media guy in a marketing & communications department of ~50 people.

Wed, Aug 21 1:01pm · Social Media team sizes vs org size in Give & Get Advice

Thanks for your response, Keith. This article actually references the survey that got me started on finding more information about social media teams! The Sprout Social Index for 2019 had some really useful information, and to make the strongest case to leadership about expanding the social team, I really wanted to have information pertinent to healthcare.

I appreciate you sharing some insight into your organization!

Tue, Aug 20 10:02am · FB Gray Verification Check Badge Update in Give & Get Advice

The grey badge is available to any business that can verify it's authenticity. The blue badge is currently not available to apply for, and Facebook seems to consider them on a case-by-case basis. I have heard that if you are spending a good amount of money on Facebook Ads and have a designated Ad Rep, that you can request it directly through that individual.

Mon, Aug 19 11:08am · FB Gray Verification Check Badge Update in Give & Get Advice

Has anyone else used the phone call from Facebook to verify their page? We took an iPhone down to the switchboard of our hospital and requested a call from Facebook as we were standing there. The staff was prepped that there would be a robot call and they just had to take down a verification code. That worked pretty well, without the need for submitting documentation.