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Fri, May 22 11:50am · Social Media Strategy Roundtable Discussion in Give & Get Advice

Glad we can share it here!

Fri, May 22 11:13am · Social Media Strategy Roundtable Discussion in Give & Get Advice

Posting on behalf of community member Jason Skinner, because our platform limits posting of links by non-administrators for security reasons.

Fri, May 22 10:53am · Private social groups for employees in Give & Get Advice

We created several Facebook groups for this purpose – one for our each of our Mayo Clinic group practices in FL, MN and AZ, and also one for each of four Mayo Clinic Health System regions. This has been particularly helpful to enable employees who are not on campus (or are furloughed) to stay connected and support each other.

Thu, May 21 1:52pm · First Virtual Social Media Residency is Next Week

In these unprecedented times, we’re pleased to offer a first-of-its-kind option for those who have been interested in participating in Social Media Residency: our first virtual Residency on Friday, May 29.

As we had previously announced, we’re doing this year’s annual conference virtually on June 2-3 in collaboration with the Society for Health Care Strategy & Market Development. While that’s now sold out, the archive will be available for viewing as soon as it’s concluded.

That’s why we’re glad to provide an abbreviated version of our all-day Social Media Residency, organized in collaboration with Dr. Katherine Brown, one of our newest External Advisory Board members, and the National Center for Medical Education Development and Research Communities of Practice at Meharry Medical College.

Dan Hinmon and Katherine have organized a three-hour condensed schedule with outstanding faculty from among our Mayo Clinic Social Media Network (MCSMN) long-term advisors and friends, including Dr. Bryan Vartabedian (@Doctor_V) and Dr. David Grayson, who will be joining us from New Zealand.

This version of Social Media Residency still includes the Social for Healthcare Certificate from Mayo Clinic and Hootsuite, as well as one-year Premium membership in MCSMN. And because there’s no travel required or logistics expenses on our part, and in recognition of the economic challenges we’re all facing, we also have established a significantly discounted price of just $145.

Spaces are limited, and we’re just a week away, so register now!

Fri, Apr 24 5:45am · AskMayoExpert's COVID-19 information made available to public

AskMayoExpert, Mayo Clinic’s primary intranet clinical knowledge resource for providers at the point of care, is publicly sharing its COVID-19 content.

“Mayo leadership has requested that we make all COVID-19 information available to the public,” says Scott D. Eggers, M.D., medical editor of AskMayoExpert. “There’s a great desire and need right now by other hospital systems and providers for trusted clinical guidance on COVID-19 management. By making this content available publicly, Mayo is not claiming expertise on treating COVID-19, but is instead sharing the knowledge we are using to guide our practice.”

Anyone outside of Mayo Clinic can now access AskMayoExpert’s COVID-19 information through an intuitively designed navigator page with outpatient, inpatient, and Emergency Department headings.

  • The outpatient information offers guidance on screening, transmission, symptoms, clinical monitoring, treatment options, and comorbid condition management.
  • The inpatient information provides recommendations on screening, evaluation, isolation, personal protective equipment for procedures, drug treatments, respiratory management, resuscitation, and dismissal planning.
  • The Emergency Department information offers guidance on screening, evaluation, isolation, personal protective equipment, resuscitation, respiratory management, and disposition.

Established in 2009, AskMayoExpert represents 56 areas of Mayo’s practice. Each area has a corresponding provider group, known as a knowledge content board, which meets on a regular basis to create, update, and annually review its clinical content.

AskMayoExpert has about 1,400 topics and 270 clinical algorithms, known as care process models. However, the public will only have access to COVID-19 information.

Thu, Apr 23 12:50pm · COVID-19 Response and Recovery in Give & Get Advice

We are past stage 1 and in a combo of stage 2 and stage 3. That initial response stage was mind-bending. Now we have to deal with appropriately opening access at a time when our Public Affairs and Marketing teams are on flexible furloughs because of the financial impact we've seen already. Definitely a challenging time.

Thu, Apr 23 12:25pm · Conference Wait list in Give & Get Advice

Please do continue to join the waitlist. We will have to see whether we can make it work to have additional seats available; that will depend on sponsorships, since we made the conference free. I can confirm though that we will be able to make the archived content available to all of you after the event.

Tue, Apr 7 9:13am · Is your healthcare marketing department working from home? in Give & Get Advice

Wow…you are in the hotspot, too. How long have you been wearing masks?