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Mon, Aug 5 7:09am · SEO Metrics & Measurement in Give & Get Advice

Interesting that you asked this question – I had actually thought about asking SEO questions here recently as well, then realized it was s bit out of scope for MCSMN well.

I am researching the answers to this and other SEO questions, so I don't have any answers at the moment but will be willing to compare notes in a month or so regarding what I've decided to focus on.

Fri, Jun 28 11:20am · Are you managing a non-profit? We're organizing a group to help in Give & Get Advice

I'm in the same category as David. I'm more able to offer perspective, guidance, or knowledge about nonprofit management, board governance, etc. I also have a health IT background and led a post-merger integration of IT systems.

Tue, Jun 25 6:55am · Instagram Landing Page in Give & Get Advice

I'm interested in finding a solution for this as well. I have a personal IG account and no personal website, so I need something simple.

Tue, Jun 25 6:53am · Unable to Change Facebook Page Name in Give & Get Advice

You might want to look through the FB site support area to see if you are even able to change it again. I know at one point (and it may still be true) you were only able to change the name one time and that was it.

Tue, Jun 4 4:27am · Searching for others who run non profits in Give & Get Advice

June 25 at 2 pm CT works for me.

Wed, May 22 6:39am · Searching for others who run non profits in Give & Get Advice

I started a nonprofit in 2005 for a health-related condition and grew its social media assets and engagement significantly over the years. Please let me know what kind of help you are looking for – is it nonprofit management issues or digital health communications or something else?

Thu, May 16 6:45am · Shout Out to Audrey Lane, and "News You Can Use" & 1 must read. in Give & Get Advice

I look forward to reading through the titles each day in my daily digest, so thank you! I choose which to read. The one today on Spotify was very insightful, for instance.

Tue, Apr 9 10:41am · Influencers are flocking to a surprising new kind of social media in MCSMN Support

Thanks for your thoughts on this. I read through how the celebrities use it to generate extra income through a subscription model and thought that a different business model would need to be used especially if you are trying to build a diverse audience and not just an affluent one.

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