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Tue, Mar 10 9:54am · HR wants to post specific info on FB targeting employees. in Give & Get Advice

Thanks for the full background on the situation! I agree with everyone here, but wanted to provide you what we do at TriHealth:

1. We do have a Facebook page specifically for employees, and it is public. We use this to showcase our culture and also remind employees to do things like annual training. However, we do know that we cannot require our employees to be on Facebook or "like" our page, so it just serves as another channel for our employees to stay connected. We do not solely rely on this for messaging. Also, we do not post these messages to our public corporate account, because as you said, most people who "like" that page are our patients/the community, and they don't need to see employee reminders. We also have a Careers FB page to post things like job openings. We rarely post anything like job openings to either of the other main pages, sometimes we post about large career fairs.
2. Weekly email from our CEO. This includes one main message as well as small 1-2 sentence blurbs about other announcements that then link to our intranet.
3. We post the latest news on our intranet and we have an automatic email every Wednesday at 6 am that goes to all employees with the stories posted from the last week. Between this email and the email from our CEO, we try to limit all other one-off emails if we can help it. Also, our news stories on our intranet can be seen publicly so we can link to them on our employee Facebook page. But only our news stories can be seen, no other pages can be viewed publicly without logging in.

Hopefully because all of us here are in agreement, you can use this as a business case not to include those messages on your normal FB account, but there are alternatives 🙂

Thu, Feb 20 3:06pm · Sub Social Pages - Offices/Doctors within the Network in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

We do have physician practices on Facebook, and we allow that for more localized content (patients and families are more likely to interact if it's their nurses and doctors they are seeing online). We've also allowed certain service lines to have pages if they have the content to support it (our ortho team has done a great job with content about concussions, sports injuries, and even their own FB Lives). We do require our main profile to be an admin of these accounts in case they post something inappropriate. If they end up not having the content to support a page, they become a child page to our corporate account.

We don't really have physicians on Facebook or Instagram that I know of… a few on Twitter. We actually do have a Physician Recruiting page on Facebook though that is active!

Our philosophy is if they have the content to support a page, we typically give them a chance. Of course we meet with them and go over brand standards, but it's also okay with us if it is less "corporate" content and more individualized to them (like office staff and nurses dressing up for Halloween). Honestly, it is ALWAYS going to be a struggle and topic of discussion: do you centralize content and control all messaging, or do you reach more people but allow different kinds of content to be posted? We're trying to find that sweet spot right now I would say.

@jesslewis422 may be able to provide more insight because she's typically the one working with these practices 🙂

Wed, Feb 12 9:07am · Social Media at Work on Shared Devices in Give & Get Advice

Thanks everyone for the comments!

Currently there are only a few of us in marketing/comms who have access to the corporate accounts of course, but we're eventually hoping to enable team members to share our content to their personal accounts while at work. Like asking ambassadors to share certain social posts and allowing anyone to share stories directly from our intranet (like a normal blog). They would only be allowed to be on social networking sites for work-related purposes, i.e. sharing our content. We don't want to ask them to do that after work hours because we can't pay our hourly workers for that time.

Our concern is that some nurses station will just have one computer logged in to a generic account, and if team members log in to their personal social accounts, they may forget to log out. Does anyone have any experience with that specifically?

Wed, Feb 12 8:55am · E-newsletters in Give & Get Advice

Newsletters seem to be the solution for everything, right?? 😉

We also try to minimize employee emails and e-newsletters because it just becomes too much. We started a Weekly Update e-newsletter that is cascaded from our CEO to our site leaders, and then cascaded down to employees with additional site-specific information. We started this newsletter to try and minimize the amount of all team member emails that just aren't necessary.

We do allow some newsletters for specific audiences. For example, we have a nursing publication that goes out to all nurses each month with some printed copies for the units. This includes a message from our chief nursing officer, articles mostly written by nurses or opportunities that mainly affect nurses (CE credits, etc.). There is also a bi-weekly provider email that comes from the president of our physician partner org.

For us it depends on how much content they will really have, and who is the audience? Everyone thinks that the entire organization needs to know what their department is doing, which is not usually the case. Having the Weekly Update has helped this: We have small 1-2 sentence sections that include links to larger stories or info. We have one health & wellness message and one safety & reliability message each week, and the rest varies. Having these designated spaces has helped reduce the need for some of those e-newsletters.

Thu, Feb 6 3:46pm · Social Media at Work on Shared Devices in Give & Get Advice

Just wondering if anyone has had any negative experience of employees using shared devices, especially involving social media, i.e. someone forgot to log out. Do your organizations have shared nurses stations where this has been an issue?

Thu, Feb 6 12:56pm · Philanthropy content on FB in Give & Get Advice

Hi Rory and friends!

Ah, a wonderful problem many of us have. I would say that you've already done the first step – creating a relationship with these philanthropic organizations. Completely agree that to keep the integrity of our pages, we have to limit the number of posts for other organizations, even if their mission is important. At TriHealth, we have two main foundations that we support, and we have to balance our promotion of their events and initiatives.

Because of your relationship with the philanthropy org, they should trust your judgement and know what is best for your channels and their message. If you post too much about one thing, people could get annoyed and may be less likely to engage with that philanthropy. I think your idea of posting stories is a great idea! A perfect compromise.

Basically, I think you're on the right track!

Dec 13, 2019 · Instagram: action blocked in Give & Get Advice

Wow that's really weird, I haven't heard of this problem happening to us. @jesslewis422 have you experienced this?

Nov 15, 2019 · Multiple Social Accounts for Hospital Campuses in Give & Get Advice

Hello! At TriHealth in Cincinnati, we have 5 major hospital locations and about 150 practice locations. We have one main corporate account for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, which is run by our social media specialist, @jesslewis422, but we do have a couple of other areas of presence, like our nursing college and orthopedic service line have their own Facebook pages. We have recently been encouraging practice locations to create pages to connect to their patients. However, these pages are run by the people at these locations or in those service lines. To me the biggest question is how much content is there to share for various locations/service lines, and who is going to manage these accounts? Jess doesn't have the capacity to manage all of those accounts, so if they have enough content and are able to manage a page, it can be nice for a patient to connect to a specific place or service they used.

Also, all of these accounts must somehow be linked to our corporate account and we have the account information in case we need to remove something or edit a post.

I'm actually focused on our employee Facebook and Twitter pages, which is just a part of my overall internal communications position. We now have a closed Nursing Facebook group, but for the most part we're trying to keep our employee messaging centralized. Thus far no one has been able to justify more pages.

All in all, I don't think there is a "right" way to do it. If your community is tied to a particular hospital and that location has the content and means to support it, I think it can be beneficial and increase overall brand engagement. Just as long as those running the accounts are trained and will make sure the page is tended to.