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Mon, Aug 12 10:03am · How to engage staff through social media? in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

We do a few of things to engage our team members on social media and in the digital space in general:

1. Internally-focused Facebook and Twitter pages for team member news and celebrations. Along the lines of engagement, we also use these platforms for team member contests. We give away prizes like Reds or Bengals games or other community events we are involved in.
2. Closed Nursing Facebook group for content specific to nurses
3. If we are including email as social media, we have a Weekly Update from our CEO with other mini stories that link to our intranet
4. Within our employee intranet (as well as our separate physician-focused intranet), we allow comments on stories to further push engagement with our team members

Thu, Jul 11 3:01pm · Building Community: Social Media as the Glue

We are working on implementing a system that allows us to easily track various data when sending emails (Polite Mail), but we would have to check with our IT department to see if there was any old data we could pull from as well!

Tue, Jul 9 7:11am · Building Community: Social Media as the Glue

Interesting comment, @matthewrehrl. To answer your question simply, we have not tried the email approach to external social media like that, but we have also been changing our email strategy.

In the past, we have felt our team members had become complacent when it came to emails, especially from our CEO. They felt the message maybe didn't apply directly to them, or they were getting too many mass emails to bother going through all of them (especially our clinical staff). To combat this, we now have a weekly cascade that comes from our CEO to directors, and then they forward on to managers and their teams, adding any messages relevant to their specific teams. Our theory is team members are more likely to look at emails from their one-up rather than a senior leader. It also helps to lessen the amount of emails we send to our team members.

After that mini rant, I do think that will be something we could try in our weekly cascade in the future!

Fri, Jun 28 12:49pm · Reviews | Google Being Google? in Give & Get Advice

Hmm… I've checked with my colleague @jesslewis422, and we had one incident of a review that seemed to disappear a while ago, but nothing to this extent!

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