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Mon, Sep 9 9:18am

Agreed. It will be interesting how everything will turn out with social media security after the implementation of the GDPR in Europe.

Mon, Jul 15 8:31am

We use it to post industry updates and important best practices on our company page. As a user, I do see it as an interactive tool for recruiters and to explore careers for myself as well.

Wed, Jun 19 8:45am

Interesting. Do you think they chose Switzerland because they know they don't have to disclose peoples names through their laws?

Tue, May 28 9:27am

I like the LOTR reference!

Mon, Apr 29 2:05pm

There is so many good tips in this article! Thanks for sharing.

Tue, Apr 16 1:43pm · Who loves analytics? in Platforms, Software, and Tools

I use Google Analytics, Google My Business, I track our Social Media to detect what posts get the most engagement as well as reach. I started a KPI spreadsheet to monitor our Data to create statistics and compare to previous years. I also monitor our email Newsletters and track that engagement. There is a lot of tools that I use to continue to grow.

Mon, Apr 15 9:26am · Who loves analytics? in Platforms, Software, and Tools

I am working closely with Healthcare Supply Chains and need to bring actionable and useful Analytics on a daily basis! For me it is extremely important to have truthful and useful analytics on hand.