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Tue, Sep 10 2:41pm · Social Channels for Individual Departments in Give & Get Advice

Thanks Dan. That is a good option. Thanks for the reminder.

Tue, Sep 10 1:58pm · Social Channels for Individual Departments in Give & Get Advice

Thanks for these thoughts.
I appreciate what you've said about a physician and risk. However, I do not believe most people – including physicians – are aware of the risks associated with social engagement. Our physicians mostly are asking to use social as a means of extending their personal brands as well as the medical center brand (not to engage new patients). Some also want to connect with alumni.
I would be much more likely to want to experiment with this if we had the staff that the Mayo has to train and monitor. We do not have these resources. Thus, I wanted to check to see what other similar organizations are doing in this space.
Thanks again…

Sun, Sep 8 1:04am · Social Channels for Individual Departments in Give & Get Advice

Up until now, we've done a good job at Tufts Medical Center keeping official Tufts MC social channels in the hands of the Comms department. We're now getting lots of requests from clinical departments for their own Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts, which the departments would run themselves (we don't have the bandwidth to do it within the Comms dept). There doesn't seem to be a way to do this without opening up the flood-gates and allowing all departments to do it. So here's my question: Do you allow individual departments/divisions/programs to have their own official hospital social accounts? If so, does your comms department monitor these? (If so, please include the number of FTEs in your social media dept). Thanks for the insight…

Sep 5, 2018 · Healthcare Orgs on Snapchat in Give & Get Advice

We have tried it, as we have a children's hospital. But so far, we haven't figured out how to make it work. Love hearing what others are doing with it.

Sep 5, 2018 · Creative ways to introduce a CEO in Give & Get Advice

Wondering if anyone has used social media in creative ways to introduce a new CEO?

Apr 8, 2018 · Career posts on Facebook in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Hi all – How do you manage your job postings through social? Do you use only Linkedin? Have a special Facebook page just for careers? Do occasional posts on your regular channels? Thanks, much! -Rhonda Tufts Medical Center, Boston