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Tue, Jul 28 9:02pm · Social Channels/Recruitment, residencies and the like in Give & Get Advice

We are going through this very same thing.
Since the type of outreach our fellowship programs are looking for involve showcasing the culture and spirit around the work, we are encouraging instagram as the platform. We require any fellow/residency program that wants a channel needs to: Take the Mayo Social Media Residency Program and send us their certificate of completion, hand in a 3 month content calendar, have a written ok from their chief or director, allow us to set up the account and keep the login information so we can take it down at any time. We have 43 individual residency/fellowship programs, so it's an experiment! Will let you know how it goes.

Mon, Jul 20 7:48pm · HIPAA and Twitter in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Hi. Our HIPAA forms force you to write out specifically what is included in the consent. They are not general waivers for anyone to release the information publicly. That said, if the physician who treated the patient consented to having his/her story told on social media, it would be allowed. I hope that helps.

Tue, Mar 3 3:11am · Closed Employee Groups on Facebook in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Hi Lucy – we have not yet allowed this only because it would take a member of the care team to moderate (and monitor) the page. Most clinicians are not willing to do this. It’s so important to make sure correct info is given and that nothing urgent is left up on the page that should have been addressed.

Fri, Feb 21 3:31pm · Using hospital logo for physicians on social media accounts in Give & Get Advice

Hi there…
does anyone allow their physicians/researchers to individually use their hospital logo on their social feeds? We have long said the physicians can mention in their profile that they work at our hospital — and must include the disclaimer "tweets/posts are my own." We have not allowed logo use for individuals. Thoughts?

Fri, Feb 14 1:52pm · E-newsletters in Give & Get Advice

Yes… everything thinks they are the solution! We have a great new intranet that they should be using, but every dept wants to push out info to everyone else to gain an edge in visibility. Thanks for your reply!

Tue, Feb 11 4:46am · E-newsletters in Give & Get Advice

A bit off topic – but wondering if your orgs allow individual departments/programs to produce their own internal e-newsletters? We have a wave of areas that want to start them, but we are worried they will jam up email boxes. We have a great intranet and would rather they post their content there. Do you have an e-newsletter policy?

Sep 10, 2019 · Social Channels for Individual Departments in Give & Get Advice

Thanks Dan. That is a good option. Thanks for the reminder.

Sep 10, 2019 · Social Channels for Individual Departments in Give & Get Advice

Thanks for these thoughts.
I appreciate what you've said about a physician and risk. However, I do not believe most people – including physicians – are aware of the risks associated with social engagement. Our physicians mostly are asking to use social as a means of extending their personal brands as well as the medical center brand (not to engage new patients). Some also want to connect with alumni.
I would be much more likely to want to experiment with this if we had the staff that the Mayo has to train and monitor. We do not have these resources. Thus, I wanted to check to see what other similar organizations are doing in this space.
Thanks again…