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Tue, Jun 11 7:27am · Social Media Time Management in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Great feedback, @mathewehrl. I'm the lead on all of our social accounts and always encourage (& ask) other staff who are submitting photos to be shared in social for at least a start to the post copy.

For us, after-hours and weekends management is more about monitoring audience comments, questions and DMs. We have a team of 4 who have access to accounts and we rotate being "on-call" for coverage beyond standard business hours. This support from my teammates has been immensely helpful for me in finding a bit of work-life balance.

Aug 2, 2018 · How to Start and Grow a Successful Facebook Patient Support Group

Are there HIPAA concerns with closed groups since you can see who is part of a group? (Does it infer that members are patients)