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Fri, Jan 31 7:51am · Supporting Staff When Threatened in Social by a Patient/Visitor in Give & Get Advice

The post was not on our page, it lives on a community member's page. We were alerted because the person tagged our location/checked in. (If it was a visitor post on our page, I would have definitely deleted it as it goes against our page's ground rules.) It appears that I cannot message this person privately as our page. I could comment as our page however. we do not typically comment on individual's personal pages because it may feel like an invasion of privacy.

The comment used slang that can reference pulling out a woman's hair/weave in a fight. Taken literally it could potentially refer to an abduction. "Don't get snatched up little ponytail lady"

Thu, Jan 30 11:40am · Supporting Staff When Threatened in Social by a Patient/Visitor in Give & Get Advice

We recently had a visitor "check-in" on FB with a photo of a staff member and a complaint. A comment on that post was mildly threatening. Our standard process for complaints was followed and the threatening comment was reported to FB but they declined to remove it. No violence resulted afterwards and our security team deemed that it didn't warrant reporting to local authorities.
Is there any more that we can/should be doing?
The employee's manager would like to share with staff what we do (as a whole, including security and law enforcement) to help protect employees from potential threats. I haven't found any guidelines for addressing the cyber-bullying/social media piece of violence against healthcare workers. Does anyone have resources they could share?
Thank you!

Wed, Jan 29 9:04am

For others who use location pages under your brand/parent page, have you found a way to work with multiple offices/practices in the same building? We have a medical office building with several physician practices, imaging center, breast health center, infusion center, etc. and Facebook keeps kicking back when trying to set up location pages for each of those entities. I've had some success with slightly altering how the suite number appears in the address and playing with where the pin drop is located on the map. However, it hasn't allowed me to do all I need to do. Interested to hear what others have done!

Jun 11, 2019 · Social Media Time Management in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Great feedback, @mathewehrl. I'm the lead on all of our social accounts and always encourage (& ask) other staff who are submitting photos to be shared in social for at least a start to the post copy.

For us, after-hours and weekends management is more about monitoring audience comments, questions and DMs. We have a team of 4 who have access to accounts and we rotate being "on-call" for coverage beyond standard business hours. This support from my teammates has been immensely helpful for me in finding a bit of work-life balance.

Aug 2, 2018 · How to Start and Grow a Successful Facebook Patient Support Group

Are there HIPAA concerns with closed groups since you can see who is part of a group? (Does it infer that members are patients)