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Mon, May 11 7:17am · Policy on blocking Facebook or twitter followers in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

In Switzerland it's very dependent on a hospital social media strategy. One hospital let people post negative comments, expecting that other people will argue with those. Another hospital approves every comment before it gets posted. Third hospital deletes immediately negative comments. However, I have never seen many negative comments on hospitals' social media platforms.

Wed, May 6 3:19am · Private social groups for employees in Give & Get Advice

We have a group on and Microsoft Teams. However, we do not communicate often. Somehow not many people want to chat or post discussions. What we did is 2 x weekly 30min "coffee break" together online on Webex. This was a really good idea!😊

Thu, Apr 2 3:30am · Join us for the #MayoSHSMD Virtual Conference

Hi everyone,
Yesterday I replied Lee's Conference Invitation Email with CC to Dan Hinmon. I received two failure mails:
Remote Server returned '554 5.4.4 < #5.4.4 X-Postfix; Host or domain name not found.
Thanks for contacting me and the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network.
To reserve resources to meet critical needs, Mayo Clinic has asked me to take a break from my part-time work managing the community for a while. In the meantime, please email for any community-related questions. Or call Lee Aase at 507-266-2442 if this is urgent.
I’m healthy and well. I hope you stay the same!
My question: WHO IS RESPONSIBLE for this venue when Dan is not here to register or to get the promo code?
Thank you for your reply.
Stay healthy!

Mon, Mar 30 9:20am · Criticizing Your Employer’s CoVid Response in Give & Get Advice

I think an employer should invest more money in having good doctors than chasing privat accounts on FB.

Mon, Mar 30 6:27am · Nueva función de traducción de AI en español in Platforms, Software, and Tools

Interesting topic. I'm running a project in Switzerland – building an online community for rehabilitation clinic. The first thing we defined – we focus only on German speaking patients only. There will be only German & English page. Despite German, French & Italian are our national languages. The fact is that mixing German & French groups will bring misunderstandings. For French community will be created a separate group. And no, there will not be any discussion here in Switzerland about discrimination or something like this. This is not even a topic of discussion here. It's about intercultural differences and differences in German and French mentality. It's even vice versa – French people will never talk a different language 🙂 :):)

Mon, Mar 30 6:22am · Criticizing Your Employer’s CoVid Response in Give & Get Advice

Can I ask you – is freedom of opinion an issue? Can you not post something without having a fear of punishment? I think getting rid of a doctor in times where each doctor is needed is real crime.

Tue, Mar 3 3:00am · Calculating the beginnings of the coronavirus epidemic in Share

Researchers from the Department of Biosystems Science and Engineering at ETH Zurich in Basel used a statistical model they had developed in recent years. ETH Zurich is the Technical School of the University of Zurich. (One of top 10 World Universities)

Some important points:
• “The widespread hypothesis that the first person was infected at an animal market in November is still plausible,” Prof. Stadler
• “Our data effectively rule out the scenario that the virus circulated in humans for a long time before that.” Prof. Stadler
• “Because viral genomes are constantly changing, Stadler could use these changes to reconstruct the evolutionary history of the virus. “Using statistical methods, we can calculate how many people were infected at any point in time in the past,” she explains. Her analysis showed that on 23 January, between 4,000 and 19,000 people must have been infected. At that time there were 581 confirmed cases of the disease. This means that in the most extreme case, only 1 in 33 infected persons appeared in the official statistics; in the best case 1 in 7.”

Oct 30, 2019 · New #MCSMN Bronze Fellow: Olga Schibli

Was great to meet you too, Anthony!