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Wed, Jul 22 9:37am · Increase in Negative Comments/Spam on FB/IG in Give & Get Advice

We too are getting "policing" of our staff comments on their own profiles. We have been closely monitoring staff comments on our business page as well. It's been a time of heightened emotions.

Mon, Jun 29 10:52am · Social Media & COVID in Give & Get Advice

Yes we are very sensitive to all of these considerations and made sure it never was an exploitive situation. We only filmed a few cases where the patient AND the family were agreeable and our media release form was signed. It was a time of celebration for all. Also, in most cases this was a brief window of time when the family got to see their loved one, before they were transported to another sub acute facility with no visitation. We felt this brief visit and celebration was a boost to the patient's immune system and healing. As to the comment about nurses and doctors having better things to do, most of the staff in our "clap outs" were support staff, clergy, and administrators who could take a few minutes out of their duties to celebrate with the patient. And many times the direct care team would try to stop by briefly to say goodbye, if they could. They had developed strong reciprocal connections with their patients.

Thu, Jun 25 7:30am · Facebook and Instagram Ads Boycott in Give & Get Advice

I hesitate because during our lockdown in NJ, those two platforms especially are how we have been connecting with our patient base. We need to let them know we are still here, especially in emergencies. Our ER visits have dropped to a scary amount, due to public fear of entering a hospital. Our EMS teams are responding to far too many pronouncements at homes. Our only advertising has been: mental health, maternity and emergency.

Thu, Jun 25 7:28am · Social Media & COVID in Give & Get Advice

Being in NJ, we just came out of the intense COVID-19 wave here. What we found is that COVID prevention, and CDC information did not resonate with our followers. I think their feeds are saturated with CDC information. What caught fire for us were human interest stories, especially videos of COVID patient discharges, our most recent having been hospitalized 88 days! It's been a story of humanity. Considering the traditional media have no access to our hospitals, we need to be the voice.

Thu, Jun 25 7:25am · What content services does everyone use for digital displays monitors? in Give & Get Advice

We use screenscape. But I build all custom 'slides' in photoshop. The version we have "4" doesn't have too many appealing drop-in templates for healthcare, except for maybe the weather.

Thu, Apr 9 8:37am · How has your social media calendar changed with COVID-19? in Give & Get Advice

oh I love this, where are you sourcing your information from? the CDC?

Tue, Apr 7 9:04am · Is your healthcare marketing department working from home? in Give & Get Advice

I'm still expected to come in, and we are in Northern NJ. It's stressful but everyone is following proper hand hygiene, social distancing and wearing masks.