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Tue, Oct 15 4:23pm · Report: The Best Healthcare Social Media for 2020 in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

I'm curious about the references to boosting FB posts. Is that through the blue BOOST POST button? From the conference a couple years ago, I thought that was perceived by FB as the "lazy" way to get more interactions so it wasn't highly recommended. What do others think/do related to this?

Wed, Sep 11 9:56am · Instagram Account Blocked in Give & Get Advice

Wow. That's not helpful from Sprout. Their integration with Instagram always stressed me out. Can you post from your phone for awhile until they get the problem figured out? Too risky to keep using Sprout.

Tue, Sep 10 10:14am · Instagram Account Blocked in Give & Get Advice

We switched to Loomly ( It accomplishes many of the same things for a lot less money

Tue, Sep 10 8:31am · Instagram Account Blocked in Give & Get Advice

We don't use Sprout anymore, but I was still signed up for their incident alerts and there were a lot of them over the weekend. I wonder if that's what caused Instagram to view it as a "service." If so, I would think it applies to a lot of services we use to schedule posts, etc.

Do you get the Sprout incident emails? You can view it and sign up here:

Tue, Sep 3 4:59pm

What are others using as best practice? We have a small following on Instagram, but it's growing.

Fri, Jun 28 9:29am · Instagram Landing Page in Give & Get Advice

Yes, we just made some updates to our site so it's more mobile friendly and then I created an Instagram landing page.

Fri, Jun 28 9:07am · Instagram Landing Page in Give & Get Advice

Exactly! It's frustrating to see posts from days ago when it's a page you frequently interact with. We set ours up this week, so I'll see how it goes. Fortunately we're a small team so I manage the website and can make updates as needed.

Fri, Jun 21 12:10pm · Instagram Landing Page in Give & Get Advice

I'm curious how others are handling links to their website from Instagram pics. We've traditionally used the "see the link in our bio," but looking create an Instagram specific landing page on our website. This article probably explains it better than I can —

Anyone else doing this? Pros? Cons? Good results?