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Thu, Jul 23 10:36am · Increase in Negative Comments/Spam on FB/IG in Give & Get Advice

We're getting a number of complaints and negative comments/reviews because in-person appointments need to be rescheduled. Trying to explain the reasoning to people, but patients and even our front line staff are getting grumpy. Not a good situation. Seems going online to give a bad review is easier than talking to our customer service staff and getting something worked out. Everyone is on edge and taking it out on each other.

Tue, Jul 14 9:15am · QR Code Tool in Platforms, Software, and Tools

Exactly. Will need to look and see what the demographics are and if it matches the majority of our patient base. I was thinking it would be helpful on posters we have in exam rooms. If someone scanned it, they would go to a page on our website with more details about that condition.

What do you plan to link your business card QR code to?

Mon, Jul 13 4:52pm · QR Code Tool in Platforms, Software, and Tools

Seems like QR codes are gaining in popularity again. Does anyone have a QR generator that they love? Even better if it's free or cheap and tracks data.

Thu, Jan 9 1:30pm · LinkTree - Instagram in Give & Get Advice

We decided to set up a page on our own site and send people to that instead. Didn't make sense to me that we would send visitors to a different website. So, we update as needed to correlate to our Instagram posts.

Tue, Jan 7 4:57pm · Do you say “Physicians” or “Providers”? in Give & Get Advice

I just read an interesting article today — One statement jumped out at me:

It’s not just physician demography that’s evolving. Today’s HCP is as likely to be a registered nurse, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner as a physician proper.

Dec 18, 2019 · Do you say “Physicians” or “Providers”? in Give & Get Advice

We market to several audiences (patients, CEO's, MDs, PAs, NPs, etc.) so we use the term "providers" for a few reasons. 1. We don't have the space in all of our marketing materials to say "physicians and providers." 2. Simply saying "physicians" can make a NP or PA think we can't/won't work with them for treating patients. 3. With the doctor shortage, there seems to be a shift toward more mid-level providers to fill the gap.

But this really makes me wonder if we should customize some of our pieces more when targeting some specialties. No matter what you do in this situation, you're bound to frustrate someone.

Dec 3, 2019 · Holidays and When To Post in Give & Get Advice

We're an allergy clinic, so we generally post tips for getting through holiday gatherings safely when you have food allergy. Trying to look at it from the POV of our patients and what can help them the most.

Nov 26, 2019 · LinkedIn - Invite Connections to Follow in Give & Get Advice

Interesting. It's not an option under my admin center. Do you have a showcase page? Or are you a premium user?