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Sat, May 30 1:34pm · Tracking Conversions and ROI in Platforms, Software, and Tools

That's a very important question I hope to get an answer for one day, for the very similar purpose I have created a trick so I can periodically measure the ROI for specific key campaigns. we create a specific code for each campaign and to encourage our customers to use this code we offer them a special discount or a service add on.

Hope this could be of help

Fri, May 29 5:35am · Strategies to fill the funnel for high value services during COVID in Share

Great job and nicely done, I really enjoyed the presentation

Oct 23, 2019 · How do you like our new look? in Share

I loved it, specially that this update fixes the private messaging issue on the mobile version, great work and effort you should be thanked for.
Thanks guys for everything

Oct 7, 2019 · Inspiring Health: Learnings from an Evolving Content Strategy

Far beyond amazing, thanks for the rich content.

Oct 5, 2019 · Aggressive Promotion 'Discounted services' as main marketing strategy in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

Hello dear MCSM Networkians 🙂
I was asked to consult one of the top 5 hospitals' chains in the middle east regarding their digital marketing strategy and structure of digital marketing unit where they are allocating about 55K USD as a monthly advertising budget on 4 Digital marketing channels. about 90% of the monthly budget is allocated to promote discounts and the other 10% for all other types of content mainly for promoting Visiting international consultants.

Their complaint was that they never meet the expectations.

my primary advice was to limit the massive amount of services discounts and redirect the budget for creation of premium content showing the capabilities of the team and facilities, level of quality and technical advancement, testimonials, equipment, and content that promote health etc

My question to you, How do you find aggressive promotions as a main marketing strategy for a healthcare facility?

What would be your advice for such a case?

Love you all


Oct 3, 2019 · Social Channels for Individual Departments in Give & Get Advice

I actually envy most of you, having a natural interest from your different departments to have their own social media profiles, while here – in Egypt – where I work in almost all the projects I have worked on for the past 10 years about 16 different entities which vary from General hospitals to specialized medical centers and polyclinics, we have spent lots and lots of time to just convince a few number of the medical team to join the social media team by any mean.
Actually this is an issue I wish to have here in Egypt 🙂

Sep 15, 2019 · How Your Physicians Can Create a Large Digital International Platform in Give & Get Advice

Hello dear Matthew, This is very interesting, will watch it and feedback you.

Aug 25, 2019

Thanks for that, very helpful