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5 days ago · Mayo Clinic Radio/YouTube Channel ... in Give & Get Advice

Great advice @matthewrehrl in all of our social media. Thank you.

Thu, Nov 7 3:02pm · Mayo Clinic Radio/YouTube Channel ... in Give & Get Advice

I agree @matthewrehrl. Everyone at Mayo has always been a tremendous sounding board for us and our crazy ideas. They have always been very generous of their time.

Thu, Nov 7 2:59pm · Mayo Clinic Radio/YouTube Channel ... in Give & Get Advice

Thank you so much. This is very helpful. We have a small staff, but we have people on our team with TV backgrounds. But then it's how do we sell this to our leadership? Thank you for the numbers. You all are so great with your time and feedback. Can't thank all of you at Mayo enough.

Mon, Nov 4 3:28pm · Mayo Clinic Radio/YouTube Channel ... in Give & Get Advice

I was doing my normal perusing of health news this morning when I got to work and one of the top stories I saw was "Flu season: Mayo Clinic Radio." Love it.

And yes, now I'm trying to figure out a way to "borrow" from it. For Mayo folks reading: What is your target audience? What benefits have you seen from it? Are you reaching patients/news media? For other folks reading with a smaller staff: Are you using YouTube channels, podcasts or other forms of media to reach your audience? What's worked or not worked for you?


Fri, Oct 18 3:10pm · Zero Harm: Why it Matters to Me - Experts by Experience

Thank you for sharing your story and your valuable insight.

Fri, Oct 18 11:17am · Tips: using Tik Tok video editing tools for Instagram Stories in Platforms, Software, and Tools

We were just talking about Tik Tok today and wondering which of our doctors will dare to go there first. Then we all get really nervous and decided we didn't want to freak ourselves out too much on a Friday.

Fri, Oct 18 10:52am · How do you like our new look? in Share

We just went through a redesign of our own. I know how much work goes into this. Great job. Love how clean it is.

Wed, Jul 24 2:31pm · Blog in Give & Get Advice

FACEBOOK! We have: 1. Focused are efforts (and money) on Google. 2. Redesigned our e-newsletter and increased its circulation. 3. Post articles on other social media channels (surprisingly Pinterest has been great to us). 4. Found a spot on our Intranet and asked to have more of our stories posted on our internal newsletter and email. 5. Placed more stories throughout our .org site. 6. Use Twitter to get media's attention and they often will repost our stories (we were in the New York Times yesterday with a ink to our newsroom). 7. Stand on the street corner with a sign (Ok, not yet).