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Tue, Jul 14 1:16pm · Using Content Creation as a Strategy in Give & Get Advice

We started out posting blogs on our .org site. The problem was it was sometimes difficult to be timely. I'm asking the webmaster to drop everything he's doing and post for us. I wanted the ability to post on my own quicker timeline. The newsroom allowed us to do that and to establish our own identity. I think it's helped with the credibility from news outlets too. There's just enough separation there. Not a lot, but enough. We try to write our posts as a news story and use our people as an experts. People are too savvy if you try to be too "PRish."

Tue, Jul 14 11:35am · Using Content Creation as a Strategy in Give & Get Advice

Thank you. That means a lot Dr. Rehrl and thank you for the plug. To answer your questions. First with the physicians … it has become a mix. The doctors have my cell and I have their numbers now. Just last night, a doctor sent me a text with a "what about this post?" idea.

It didn't start that way though. We found some allies and doctors who wanted to be involved early, but only a few. Then we had them become evangelists for us. Now, I have new doctors reaching out every week about posting. The story I mentioned earlier about the abuse during COVID began with someone from our Child Abuse team coming to us and asking us to get something out. They literally walked over to where we were located. I went and interviewed the medical director of that team right away and we got something out that day. Since then our media specialist has gotten that story all over the news, including many national outlets. So, it's a very healthy mix with our physicians and we've developed a great relationship with them. I think they also have developed a healthy respect for us and what we do because they get to see it up close and feel more of a connection to it.

To your second question. The short answer (too late) is yes. Our .org page, uses our content on its home page and also with the physicians' bios. So along with where they went to school and their usual bio information, you will find all of their newsroom stories. It has really helped break down barriers between us and Marketing. The Foundation is now using our content too, using it in their magazine, their social posts and their e-newsletter.

Tue, Jul 14 10:16am · Using Content Creation as a Strategy in Give & Get Advice

I know I'm late on this, but things have been busy (Texas is not handling COVID well). About 7 years ago, we started our online newsroom and established it as our hub for PR. It took us a while to establish it. We aren't the Mayo Clinic and didn't have the brand awareness of some of the bigger institutions. Plus, the leadership prior to when we arrived weren't big on any type of publicity.

At first, we were totally dependent on our social posts at first and how they did. Over time, we now get as many views from Google/SEO as we do from social media. As Lee was saying, we've had people come to our hospital in Fort Worth from as far away as San Francisco and Detroit because they found a newsroom story online. A grandmother in Australia saw one of our newsroom posts and forwarded it to her family in San Francisco.

Just yesterday, our social media specialist talked to a newly hired news director of our NBC affiliate. The first thing she did was show her our newsroom. The health reporter at that same station told us that the first thing she does when she gets into work is to look at our newsroom. It gives the media a resource with our experts and it helps to shape the story better than a quick phone call.

We are a small staff, but we've had around 100 physicians who have participated in the newsroom because they see the value (but it took a couple of years to show them). It took time to build traction and an audience, but we currently have more than 1.5 million views at this point in the year.

We tried to do more stories at first, but now we settle for about one story a day and then maybe another social post. Our social media specialist is awesome and she generates great quick content too that don't necessarily belong on the newsroom. Sometimes the story lives on our main Facebook page (as well as other social media channels) and sometimes it lives on the newsroom's Facebook that we started to keep up with our volume.

We keep up with the news and work real hard to be current and follow trending stories. We also aren't afraid to stay ahead of the curve. A group of more than 50 of our physicians came up with back to school guidelines and sent them to the governor. They did this before the AAP and the state established their own.

All of our content is generated by us. Our media specialist rarely sends out a press release, but instead sends out the newsroom story. She also sends an e-newsletter to all of her media contents with what's on the newsroom that week.

Oh, and last week we were cited in the Lancet. They pulled from our post about the amount of child abuse seen during COVID.

Our newsroom has completely changed the way we work. I've rambled and I'm late to the conversation, but hope this helps.

Wed, Jun 3 2:49pm · Is Your Organization Posting During #BlackOutTuesday? in Give & Get Advice

Since we posted our statement, our CEO sent an email today saying he had received messages from employees saying how thankful they are to work at a place where we spoke up. We have also received several emails from employees thanking us. Today, we posted this article on our social media:

Tue, Jun 2 10:46am · Is Your Organization Posting During #BlackOutTuesday? in Give & Get Advice

We are not. We ran this statement yesterday:
Tomorrow, we have a powerful post from two of our doctors about race and the impact that it's had on them as women of color.
We are also working on a story, focusing on the impact of race and children, as regard to ACEs.

Wed, May 13 1:03pm · CoVid19 and Vaccination in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

We were just talking about this exact topic earlier in the week. Thank you so much for posting.

Thu, Apr 9 8:57am · I'm taking a break from managing this community in Share

You will be missed Dan. You are great. We look forward to having your back and hopefully some return to a little bit of normal.

Thu, Apr 9 8:56am · Children's Hospitals - Top COVID-19 Social Content in Give & Get Advice

Thank you Lauren. We have been so busy over here, I haven't had a chance to log in for a while. Abigail told our Cook Children's PR team about your report yesterday. Everyone has been working so hard, it meant a lot to hear our efforts are being recognized. We have a small team and have been pulled in a million different directions, but Abigail has been centered and focused on making sure our social media calendar is consistent. Honestly, we were all dragging a bit yesterday, but your report Lauren was some great news that picked us all up. Thank you … and I want to once again say thank you to Abigail.