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3 days ago · Is Your Organization Posting During #BlackOutTuesday? in Give & Get Advice

Since we posted our statement, our CEO sent an email today saying he had received messages from employees saying how thankful they are to work at a place where we spoke up. We have also received several emails from employees thanking us. Today, we posted this article on our social media:

4 days ago · Is Your Organization Posting During #BlackOutTuesday? in Give & Get Advice

We are not. We ran this statement yesterday:
Tomorrow, we have a powerful post from two of our doctors about race and the impact that it's had on them as women of color.
We are also working on a story, focusing on the impact of race and children, as regard to ACEs.

Wed, May 13 1:03pm · CoVid19 and Vaccination in Strategy, Policy & Best Practices

We were just talking about this exact topic earlier in the week. Thank you so much for posting.

Thu, Apr 9 8:57am · I'm taking a break from managing this community in Share

You will be missed Dan. You are great. We look forward to having your back and hopefully some return to a little bit of normal.

Thu, Apr 9 8:56am · Children's Hospitals - Top COVID-19 Social Content in Give & Get Advice

Thank you Lauren. We have been so busy over here, I haven't had a chance to log in for a while. Abigail told our Cook Children's PR team about your report yesterday. Everyone has been working so hard, it meant a lot to hear our efforts are being recognized. We have a small team and have been pulled in a million different directions, but Abigail has been centered and focused on making sure our social media calendar is consistent. Honestly, we were all dragging a bit yesterday, but your report Lauren was some great news that picked us all up. Thank you … and I want to once again say thank you to Abigail.

Tue, Mar 3 12:02pm · Need advice on creating a media plan for COVID-19 in Give & Get Advice

Hello Angela,
I think the first thing to do is identify who your expert will be if media contacts you. We have been in contact with our Medical Director of Infectious Diseases. I would schedule a meeting with this person as soon as possible and get his or her phone number. Today, we published an article on Coronavirus. I work at a children's hospital. I spoke to two pediatricians, our medical director of Infectious Disease and the medical director of Emergency Services. Our AVP over media has been working to schedule a meeting with Tarrant County Public Health. They have also been incredibly supportive in providing us information. Right now, we are speaking to them to discuss if a case occurs in our area, who will take the lead as far as giving out information to the media, keeping compliant with HIPAA and things like where the press conference would take place. Our thought process right now (and this is rare for us) is to let the County take the lead. When we published the story this morning, the first thing our media director asked was if media calls who is going to do the interview today. Since this story is pediatric focused, and thank goodness it's not about an actual patient, we have a pediatrician designated and our Medical Director of Infectious Disease is ready. So, right now I would: go meet your doctors, go to the CDC, the WHO, Mayo …. and read as much as you can about the Coronavirus. Then start mapping out what stories you want to tell right now. Where is your place in this story? For us, at least right now, it's that we have some relatively good news to share about kids and this disease.

Yesterday, I spoke to a mom, who is expecting her second child, and asked her to give me every question she has about the coronavirus right now. We answered every one of them in our post today.

Does this help?

Fri, Feb 7 11:03am · Philanthropy content on FB in Give & Get Advice

Hello again. After I saw your post, I went and talked to someone in our Foundation about their approach on their Facebook page. She said they follow our lead a bit and try to keep things patient focus. Even when they are asking for a donation, they center it around a patient story. She said that posts with favorite nurses or other caregivers do well. People post afterward and say, "She's great! She took care of my baby." They've also started a funded a need program where they spotlight a specific area. They try to tell a story and let content be king as well.