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Fri, Mar 6 5:51am

I think tweets are already fleeting enough. Plus, when I hear fleet I think the enema ha!

Wed, Mar 4 4:42am · Need advice on creating a media plan for COVID-19 in Give & Get Advice

This group is a fabulous resource!

Fri, Feb 28 4:06am · Coronavirus outbreak in Give & Get Advice

This is a timely and a good primer for non-healthcare organizations considering going remote if/when Coronavirus/Covid affects their business:

Plus, you might like to see how Coinbase is approaching it, publicly sharing their plan and communication with employees:

I know these are not healthcare examples, but there might be some gems in them. I like how Coinbase shared plans for additional cleaning, especially at elevators, kitchens, and bathrooms.

Oct 29, 2019 · The Public Physician Workshop

I really enjoyed your presentation. I brought it up at a networking meeting this morning, where someone shared vivid memories of when he was in chemo as a child and how one doctor helped by simply being with him, eye to eye, knee to knee.

Oct 20, 2019 · Going live on LinkedIn at the conference this week! in Share

Well @DanHinmon, They are new and people are experimenting with them. I’ve seen educational presentations, interviews/conversations, product launches, and live at events. I can see all sorts of uses for people and organizations within our network.

Oct 20, 2019 · Going live on LinkedIn at the conference this week! in Share

I'm excited to be speaking at the Mayo Clinic Social Media Network Conference this week. I also plan to go live on LInkedIn Live to introduce some of the other people that are speaking and the people that run the network.

Exact details are still in flux, so for now, look for notifications that I'm live. If I get a better sense of exact timing I'll edit this post and let you know.

Some of the people I hope to have join me include Ann Handley, Lee Aase, Dan Hinmon, Christy Owenby, and Camela Morrissey.

If you are speaking, or even attending, and want to possibly join me for a few minutes, please let me know.

Oct 1, 2019 · LinkedIn Profiles for Docs in Give & Get Advice

You can start with this article, although it's not specifically for doctors:

This is part of what I do, go into organizations to help with profiles, company pages, and training staff to be advocates for the organization.

Plus, I'll plug my talk at the conference later this month since the topic is "Boosting your professional brand using LinkedIn.