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Tue, Mar 24 8:03am · How are you responding to the public's ask to make homemade masks? in Give & Get Advice

We are working with our county emergency management to coordinate any and all donations because we don't want people coming to our facilities to drop off items (we have a strict no visitor policy in place). We sent out a media release on this yesterday along with information on people who want to donate money. So when people have asked via social media, we are now directing them to the counties.
Similarly, we don't anticipate using these masks (although we might need to) but people feel the need to do SOMETHING, so we wanted to provide a destination point for their donations.

Dec 17, 2019 · How important are Facebook ratings? in Give & Get Advice

We have reviews on for our main Facebook page and also what I call our "location pages" that we don't post content to but people use to check-in and write reviews. Our audience doesn't use reviews very often but when they do, I respond to every single one, even if they're positive. At the end of each month, I put all the reviews into a spreadsheet and share with my department, with patient relations and with VPs, so they can see what people say in a public forum about our organization.

Dec 10, 2019 · Media Monitoring in Give & Get Advice

My experience is only with Cision and it works fairly well at capturing keywords and doing searches. We get daily and weekly email summaries for our own keywords but also for competitors. It will pull not only news stories but also social media mentions. We haven't utilized it yet but with Cision there is the option (costs a lot more) to us PRNewswire and to use HARO, if that's something you would find value in.

Apr 19, 2018 · Crowd-Video Marketing the MCSMN? in Give & Get Advice

I can do that. I'd prefer to email it than put it on Twitter, but that's just me. 🙂

Apr 11, 2018 · Two Call-to-Action Buttons On FB Profile? in Give & Get Advice

Mayo Clinic SM members – how were you able to get two call to action buttons on your Facebook main page? I've done a lot of searching and can't seem to figure out how to do it. Is is a 3rd party app? Thank you!

Apr 11, 2018

Two big takeaways from this: "That means that if users aren’t commenting on your content then it will begin to decay. All those comments and shares are like the air beneath your content’s wings. The more comments there are on it the higher your content will likely rise in your follower’s news feeds."

And: "…time is of the essence. If you want your Facebook postings to be seen by others, post content that will generate comments."

Mar 15, 2018 · Significant Drop In Facebook Reach in Give & Get Advice

Thank you all for the insights. This will really help me explain what is happening to my communications colleagues. Even though they rarely look at the numbers, I feel it's important to be transparent about the changes so they can help create engaging content. We also are promoting items we feel more eyes should see or content that we've spent significant time creating. Hopefully this discussion has helped others … and if anyone else has different insights to share, I'm all ears!

Feb 23, 2018 · Significant Drop In Facebook Reach in Give & Get Advice

Has anyone else seen a significant (I'm talking life half) drop in reach for posts that you don't promote/boost? Our Facebook page has taken a hit in the last few weeks and I'm trying to explain it to my non-social colleagues. As talked about in previous discussions, I know some are "educating" the people who Like their page to also be "Followers" and that doesn't appear to be our problem because we have almost the same number of "Followers" as those who "Like" our page.
I'm just trying to see if others are seeing these number drops and how they might be able to explain them to colleagues (besides saying "Facebook changed their algorithm AGAIN!").