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Aug 19, 2019 · Social Media team sizes vs org size in Give & Get Advice

Our Social Media used to be managed by everyone in our Marketing department…when or if we had time. At that point I started pushing adding "Social Media Manager" to my job role. I've since been the manager for 3 years now.

In our Marketing Department we have:
(3) graphic designers
(2) videographers
(1) copywriter
(1) photographer (me)
(1) Marketing Director
(1) Assistant Marketing Director

1 of our graphic designers is dedicated to producing social media content on top of her other projects. Our copywriter and myself do the same.

Between the graphic designer, copywriter and photographer (me) us three makeup the social media team.

Our videographers will produce content that then can be later sized for social media as well.

I feel like if we had our social media team just dedicated to social we could push out way more content but since we all split our time between social and other projects we do what we can and it works well.

I hope this make sense, hah!

Jun 3, 2019 · Social Media - Employee Recognitions in Give & Get Advice

@matthewrehrl this is great!! Thank you so much for your input!

May 29, 2019 · Social Media - Employee Recognitions in Give & Get Advice

Lucy! Thanks for your feedback and sharing how y'all go about doing this. Glad I'm not allow in this effort of recognizing departments, hah.

Are you able to she the policy you have on this topic? I'm interested how y'all have it addressed for leadership.

May 29, 2019 · Social Media - Employee Recognitions in Give & Get Advice

Hey Kayla!

Glad to know I'm not alone. Right now we are looking at doing a few different things:

1. Adding a link on our website for department directors (only dept. directors) to submit a request to have their employees recognized. I'm currently trying to figure out what type of questions need to be asked in order to flush out the unnecessary. I'm also hoping this will help with the last minute request to be featured on social. Right now we are planning our calendar out by quarter so anything to simplify the back end production process would be so helpful to our social media team – photos, design, copy and then scheduling post.

2. Our Marketing Director also send outs an email quarterly to all department directors to check their potion of the website and let us know if any content/photos need to be updated. Since our Marketing Director makes this a quarterly habit we thought this might be an opportunity to address the Social recognition days in this way.

Anxious for other MCSMN members to jump in with advice too.

May 28, 2019 · Social Media - Employee Recognitions in Give & Get Advice

Hey everyone!

When we have a specific recognition date/week/month example:"Physical Rehab Day" "Nurses Week" "Breast Cancer Awareness Month" "GI Nurses Day" etc. we like to honor our employees by taking group photos and posting about it on our social media outlets.

After three years or doing this we are learning there are so many recognition days in our health system that we miss or not aware of…ultimately leaving departments upset for not being recognized.

My idea is to make a submission form for department directors to submit their department recognition days via this questionnaire. This would hopefully do several things:

1. Make the department directors responsible for letting us (the marketing dept) know about the recognition day so we can organize group photos/social media content accordingly.

2. Not to leave anyone out.

Has anyone else experienced this same issue? I'd love some feedback on what has worked for you or what things you may have implemented to help cover the bases of dept. being recognized.

Jan 23, 2018 · Twitter Account for our new CEO in Give & Get Advice

Yeah, I just went through and read her slides. 🙂 She’s got a ton of good info

Jan 23, 2018 · Twitter Account for our new CEO in Give & Get Advice

Hey @DanHinmon ! I did actually watch some of it. Sadly the audio made it hard to understand.