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YouTube Videos Losing to Facebook Native Videos

Posted by @DanHinmon, Mar 29, 2017

What this headline should say is: YouTube Videos Losing to Facebook Native Videos… on Facebook.

That seems a bit obvious, but this research does show how dramatic the difference is: Facebook native videos accounted for 84.47 percent of all videos on Facebook (more than 5 million posts) while YouTube accounted for 10.22 percent (more than 600,000 posts).

And perhaps more importantly, engagement (i.e., reactions, shares, comments) for Facebook videos was 109 percent higher than YouTube videos.

Have you replaced YouTube videos with native videos on Facebook? What results are you seeing?


We haven’t replaced them, but we do see that videos uploaded directly to FB certainly win in the views category! I’m working with the powers that be to consider outputting videos for YouTube and FB and consider shorter cuts for FB. Youtube, in my opinion, is better for the longer format videos and ones you want to have a longer shelf-life.

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