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YouTube to Remove All Video Annotations in January 2019

Posted by @MakalaArce, Nov 28, 2018

“Here’s a relatively small, but no doubt welcome update from YouTube. As of January 15th, 2019, all YouTube video annotations will be de-activated

They’re pretty outdated – in fact, YouTube discontinued its annotations editor option back in May 2017, which meant that users could no longer add them, only delete them. Now, it’s putting them to rest for good.”


FYI, @csjennings … thoughts?


FYI, @csjennings … thoughts?

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Thanks! This is helpful because annotations are outdated and removing them from each video is tedious. However, it does mean that there will no longer be any clickable links on videos that haven't been updated with Cards and/or End Screens. If you want to add a clickable link to the video itself (i.e. not down in the description), you'll have to do that manually for each video.

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