Your Twitter Following Is About to Drop. Here's Why.

Posted by @audreylaine, Jul 12, 2018

Twitter announced yesterday the latest of its efforts to fight platform abuse and maintain authenticity on its network.

This week, wrote Legal, Policy and Trust & Safety Lead Vijaya Gadde in a statement, Twitter will begin removing locked accounts from users’ total follower counts, potentially causing these numbers to drop significantly for some.

@MakalaArce shared with our team that she received a message from Twitter stating that our “account will see an impact of a 2.35% drop in followers.” For us, that means a reduction of 45,130 followers!


It's another opportunity for us to re-evaluate how we use platforms like Facebook and Twitter – we went through the same thing earlier this year with the FB newsfeed changes when everyone panicked about losing organic reach. It's going to be tough to see accounts diminish by significant numbers as @MakalaArce points out, but we have to stop thinking about the numbers and focus on the quality of those interactions. This is going to take some convincing for some of my clients! But ultimately I welcome the move because too many accounts artificially inflated their numbers by buying followers and it became a game in which the winners had the highest numbers.

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