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Will More Tweet Space Equal More Value for Your Twitter Audience?

Posted by @audreylaine, Oct 12, 2017

I haven’t seen any 280-character tweets yet, have you? Anyway, I think this article does a good job of discussing quantity vs. quality. The bottom line: character count simply doesn’t matter if what you’re sharing has no value or resonance with your audience. #Truth.


Kathy Winter

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Joined: Mar 21, 2012
Posted by @kathywinter, Oct 13, 2017

I haven’t seen the expanded tweets yet, but I don’t anticipate using 280 characters when it is available. I may go a little over the 140 characters, but not by much. At least with a few more characters, I can keep punctuation in my tweets, which is usually the first to go when I run up against the limit. It will be interesting to see how that looks on a mobile device. Will it look like too much to read and people will just scroll right by?

Posted by @audreylaine, Oct 13, 2017

That’s a good point, @kathywinter! When I see long posts on FB, I usually take a look at the first few lines and then keep scrolling. And yes, punctuation is (sadly) always the first to go for me, too!

Megan Rowe

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Posted by @MeganRowe, Oct 16, 2017

I agree with everything in this article. I’ve always liked having the 140-character limit to fall back on — “Oh, no, sorry, I can’t put your whole title in the tweet!” “Nope, Twitter is not going to work as a replacement for your website.” I’m actually really hoping the expanded character limit never becomes widespread. But I do have to admit that it’d be nice to have a few extra characters for those times when you’re forced to delete punctuation or abbreviate strangely.

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