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Why Social Media Shouldn't Be Separate From The Rest of the Company

Posted by @DanHinmon, Sep 7, 2016

Wells Fargo has been active in social media since 2009, and Kimarie Matthews, Senior Vice President of Social Care and Capabilities, has been behind the effort.

Their coordinated approach encompasses both the marketing and customer service facets of social media. On the service side, questions are triaged to the right person to “get the answer back in an efficient manner.” But on the marketing side, Wells Fargo is taking a unique approach.

“We’re now folding the social marketing functions back into the traditional marketing functions so they’re not separate,” Matthews says, adding that the same trend is likely to occur on the service side eventually. “The future is not that social is separate. It’s really that there are a lot of different digital text-based tools, like chat and SMS and social, and they really need to be treated together and holistically.”

Matthews explains it all in a 40 minute podcast, but you can skim the highlights to listen to the most interesting parts.


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