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20 Time Saving Social Media Apps and Tools You Should Be Using

Posted by @DanHinmon, Jun 12, 2015

Which of us couldn’t use a new tool to streamline our social media tasks? This article provides an interesting list, including some that are familiar — Flipboard, Hootsuite, Buffer — and some that are unfamiliar that might do just what you need.

Any new ideas here that you’re excited to try?


Nice list. I’d also like to hear from people if they’ve tried a tool and love it. Why? Hated it? Why?

My Medx panel mate and moderator, Pam Ressler, sets up a Flipboard as soon as we submit the abstract and curates relevant articles we find as we monitor current trends and conversations online leading up to the conference. For example:

Health Privacy and Disclosure


Use and absolutely love Buffer plus subscribe to their blog feed. Their articles, especially ones written by Kevan Lee, are superuseful.

Ditched PicMonkey for Ribbet, which offers many and more photoediting tools that are easy-to-use.


Use SumAll (free version) and love it for getting Twitter analytics–except that it always seems to have major hiccups right when I need to pull data for regular reporting. Also use and love TweatReach for gauging reach/impact of Twitter chats we host.

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