What Local Businesses Can Do to Increase Facebook Followers

Posted by @audreylaine, Aug 20, 2018

Facebook has the largest monthly user base of any social media platform in the world. The social media giant has 2 billion active users every month. That’s a substantial number of users that local businesses can promote to monthly.

But, of course, this figure includes users around the world – not just in the business’s local area.

Demographic-wise, Facebook has 83% of women and 75% of men on the platform, with 88% of people age 18 to 29 on Facebook. This figure falls to 62% when considering users 65+, but it’s still a substantial percentage of each demographic.

Increasing followers on Facebook is possible, and you’ll need to:

  1. Provide real, info-rich content
  2. Invite the community that already exists
  3. Pay for Facebook ads


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