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Wearables Might be Going To a Whole New Level: Tech Tattoos

Posted by @DanHinmon, Nov 25, 2015

Wearables have proven to be something many people wear for a bit, but then they might get slightly irritating or basically just a nice thought in theory, rendering it useless. But what if a wearable was essentially painted on your body, appearing almost like a tattoo? Austin-based software design and development firm, Chaotic Moon, has created just that.

Thanks to @westr for pointing us to this story. He writes: Forget the clunky hardware of past years. This is where to look for the future of health monitoring.


Very timely for me. I am right in the middle of writing an article on this topic. Thanks for sharing @westr @DanHinmon

I am really enjoying these articles submitted by @westr. If anyone else has an article you’d like to share in News You Can Use, email me the link with your thoughts at dan@hinmon.com or direct message me in the community. I’d love to include them.

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