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'We are a lifestyle brand': How IHOP's social media strategy stacks up

Posted by @DanHinmon, Jun 23, 2016

More creative ideas for Facebook Live – this time from IHOP.


Just reading the news the other day, @DanHinmon and it made me think back to our discussions here on IHOP/IHOB, and their social media strategies. Seems their efforts flopped and they are in the process of closing yet another wave of both their Appleby's and IHOP brands.


Disappointing news for IHOP (or is it IHOB?) owners and lovers @IndianaScott , but there's a lot of shake-out happening in the restaurant industry. Did you see an article explaining why they're closing?


The article I read stated they needed to correct for some 'major missteps' as they 'failed to win over millennials'.

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