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Twitter's New Redesign Doesn't Include An "Edit" Button

Posted by @stacytheobald, Tue, Jul 16 2:00pm

Twitter has decided on a radical redesign that offers a more streamlined view of tweets and, guess what, there’s no going back. Once you get it on your screen, that’s it.

How does it look like? First of all, everything feels a little bit out of place. But if you’re used to accessing Twitter on your iPhone, then you’ll be pleasantly surprised. More specifically, the new Twitter design resembles the mobile design with all elements blow up. That means that what a users would traditionally find in a ‘burger’ menu is now available in full sight on the desktop layout.

The new design is already rolling out to few select users, but it will take a few more weeks (months?) until it’s available worldwide


Compared its Facebook, Ive generally been happy with Twitter design changes.


I knew it looked different last week.
Overall though it is pretty intuitive and did not take me long to get used to it.

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