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Twitter's biggest anti-troll effort to date is finally here

Posted by @DanHinmon, Nov 16, 2016

Twitter announced on Tuesday new features and policy changes as part of a company-wide reset to address safety on the network, introducing a “mute” feature that looks to help users control what they see.

The updates attempt to combat abuse on Twitter, a problem that reached a crescendo during the election season.


Thanks for posting this article @DanHinmon. It’s nice that Twitter is finally waking up to the issue of abuse on it’s platform. It’s sad that it took the financial pressure of a loss of a potential buyer (Walt Disney Co) to get them to take action. As many in this community know, I have been dealing with an abusive Twitter troll for years and I know many in the patient community who have similar issues. When Twitter and other platforms start taking this abuse seriously, along with real changes happening amongst lawmakers in various countries, then more people will feel these are safe spaces in which to interact. Change takes time and commitment however.

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