Twitter VP of Design Shares List of Coming Platform Features

Ready for some new Twitter features?

Well, don't get too excited, they won't be coming till 2020 (if they make it through at all). Also, an edit option is not among them, but Twitter's VP of Design and Research Dantley Davis has shared a list of five new features that he's 'looking forward to in 2020'.

Of course, 'looking forward to' doesn't mean these are definitively on the way, but given the source, it's a pretty good probability that these will be rolled out within the next six months.

Here's what's on the list....

I like these. I think some of these may help lessen what I refer to as “Hashtag Bullying” – when a tweet of yours, meant in good faith, is intentionally retweeted with a attached hashtag to bully you.

For example, there are certain conversations I may want to directly contribute to but the downside risk of a digital dogpile simply isn’t worth it.

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