Twitter Rolls Out ‘Sparkle Button’ to Let Users Hide the Algorithmic Feed

Posted by @Margaret_Marie, Dec 20, 2018

Twitter is giving users the ability to easily switch between seeing the latest tweets first and seeing the company’s algorithmically chosen “Top Tweets” when they open the app.

The company began testing this feature a few weeks ago, but they are officially rolling it out globally to all iOS users today, with Android and desktop users likely getting access to the feature sometime in January, according to the company.

This is part-resolution and part extended cop-out for Twitter, which has spent the better part of the past couple of years figuring out how to satisfy a need for growth with vocal, loyal users who want the act of opening the app to continue to mean getting the immediate pulse of the internet. The algorithmic timeline is probably a better business move for Twitter, something that will ensure that more causal users can get a more encapsulated experience when they open the app rather than a hodgepodge snapshot of their followers’ thoughts.

The company has explicitly said that the “Top Tweets” feature has increased both engagement and conversations on the app…


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