Twitter Renaissance: Is It Time to Reconsider Twitter?

Posted by @audreylaine, Jan 5, 2018

This episode of the Social Media Marketing podcast is an interview with Mark Schaefer, who is co-host of The Marketing Companion Podcast.

He talks about the differences in the people on Twitter and other social media platforms.

This podcast is timely as we observe an increase of #hcsm traffic on Twitter. Plus, just earlier this week, @matthewrehrl posted a graph of PUBMED data showing that the number of Twitter references have surpassed Facebook references in PUBMED.


This really is an excellent interview. It gives a very big picture view of Twitter, and the key point I got out of it is that it may be the most human-powered of the social media platforms.

“Twitter did not invent the Hashtag – people did”

Lots of fun “pizza” examples too! Thanks for pointing it out!

So refreshing to read something positive about Twitter – despite its flaws and the prophets of Twitter doom, I still find it THE best place to make connections in the #hcsm space.

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