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Dan Hinmon, MCSMN Director

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Twitter Inc Losing Popularity Among Advertisers Fast [Survey]

Posted by @DanHinmon, Mar 10, 2016

On Wednesday speaking to CNBC’s Squawk Alley, RBC lead analyst Mark Mahaney said, “There’s a real negative tell in here. Just like there are momentum stock buyers, guess what? There are momentum ad buyers, and the momentum is moving away from Twitter.”]

Mahaney said Alphabet and Facebook are the top performers, and there is a very wide margin between Twitter and them.

Thanks to @westr for pointing us to this story: “Snapchat keeps gaining while Twitter keeps sinking. Bad omen for some of us.”


Susan Woolner

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Posted by @susanwoolner, Mar 10, 2016

To quote a recent post about Snapchat, “How Snapchat Built a Business By Confusing Olds” What are us ‘olds’ and ‘olders’ going to do?

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