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The Top-Rated Marketing Automation Software Platforms

Posted by @DanHinmon, Jan 7, 2016

Looking for trusted marketing automation software?

TrustRadius examined 1,647 reviews of 20 leading marketing automation (MA) software platforms posted before Nov 30, 2015 by authenticated customers. This research breaks out top reviews for small, medium and large businesses.


Reminds me of the quote by Douglas Adams “We are stuck with technology when what we really want is just stuff that works” ! I am writing an article on this topic and my argument is that lack of user involvement from design right through to evaluation is one of the major reasons why health apps
have failed to deliver thus far. Digital technology is poised to transform healthcare, but its fullpotential will not be realized unless stakeholders work alongside patients in co-designing solutions that will truly engage, enable, and empower the end-user.

Marie Ennis O’Connor

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