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The #TimesUp Movement is Coming to Healthcare

Posted by @DanHinmon, Fri, Mar 1 2:47pm

More than 50 founding members have launched the #TimesUp for Healthcare movement, including a range of healthcare professionals, from nurses and physician assistants to clinical pharmacists.

According to this article:

“Healthcare as an industry is said to represent one-sixth of the U.S. economy, and women reportedly account for 80% of healthcare workers and more than 50% of medical school applicants and matriculants. But there’s a significant drop-off when you look at leadership: Only 11% of healthcare CEOs are women, and there isn’t a single woman at the helm of a Fortune 500 healthcare company.”

The article goes into further detail about workplace sexual harassment for physicians and nurses.

Mayo Clinic is among 8 health systems that have signed on as signatories to the movement. https://www.timesuphealthcare.org/signatories



I'm a founding member of Times Up Healthcare. As a Mayo Clinic alum, I was glad to hear the organization signed on. Looking forward to seeing more organizations making a committment and following through on that committment.

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