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The Psychology Of Shareable Content

Posted by @DanHinmon, Mar 23, 2017

What makes people want to share content with others, and how can you use this to your advantage?

According to one report by researchers at UCLA, this urge to share tends to creep up with three main “types” of content—those that fulfill one or more of the following functions: utility, entertainment, and inspiration.


Good tips Dan – also The New York Times did a fascinating study a few years ago on the psychology of social sharing. It revealed that people want to connect to other like-minded people and they want to support issues they care about. Above all they want to share content that will be useful for those others in their network.

Thanks for that reminder, @MarieEnnisOConnor. Can’t think of a field that meets these criteria as well as healthcare.

Which is why social media’s impact on healthcare can be so far reaching

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