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The Marketer’s Guide to Instagram Hashtags

Posted by @DanHinmon, Jan 20, 2017

This marketer’s guide to Instagram hashtags looks at why they matter, how to create a hashtag campaign, tools to help with hashtag research, best practices, and actual examples of using Instagram hashtags.


The article advises using 11 hashtags, but in the Social Media Training they suggested no more than 4 hashtags. Which is better?

Good question, @joycelogvin. Opinions will differ on this, but there are different hashtag guidelines for different platforms. Twitter research shows that likes and retweets diminish when your tweet contains more than two hashtags. This article focuses on Instagram, where it’s much more common to have 11 or more hashtags. I’m not sure what the latest thinking is for Facebook.

What has your experience been? Don’t be afraid to experiment yourself and see what brings the best results.

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