The Importance Of Experience Design And The Future Of Brand

In this video with Brian Solis, he answers the questions below, ultimately reinforcing his message that, in order to be successful marketers, we must quit thinking about things from a marketer's perspective, and start thinking about things from an innovator's perspective. He talks about how we should be focusing more on our customers' experiences than our messages.

  1. How does digital transformation and experiential marketing intersect?
  2. What does it take to be an experience-driven business?
  3. What is the role of data in crafting these experiences for consumers?
  4. Every brand claims they are experience-led. How do you get everyone on board?
  5. Which consumer trends should marketers pay close attention to?
  6. How should brands think about experience?
  7. What else are marketers prioritizing?
  8. How did you become a digital anthropologist?

The video's 20 minutes long, but brilliant, so watch it in its entirety when you have time.

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