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The Hootsuite vs. Buffer Debate

Posted by @DanHinmon, Dec 11, 2015

Nice analysis of these two popular scheduling and monitoring platforms. Which do you use? Or is a different platform your favorite?

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I am definitely in the Buffer Camp. There are so many things I like about Buffer from the intuitiveness of the app to Pablo to the response time of their support team. It is a much leaner program than Hootsuite and the development team is not afraid to re-engineer parts of the program that aren’t intuitive. I recently provided consumer insight regarding their feeds to a Buffer team from Paris who is working on re-engineering their feeds tool. Currently the feeds are capped at 15 which I have found somewhat limiting. Also, the ability to set an alternative schedule for my feed is invaluable, which I found useful during the Paris terrorist attack and subsequent urgent news issues. These features and others have helped me keep my feed topical without too much angst. I am still a hootsuite subscriber but I will revisit that in 2016.

Thanks for your analysis @susanwoolner. I’m intrigued by your mention that @Buffer helped you stay flexible during the Paris terrorist attacks. I know you work at a Neurosciences hospital. How did those attacks effect your social media sharing?

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