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The Doctor's Computer Will Email You Now

Posted by @DanHinmon, Feb 3, 2016

Can you automate empathy? It appears so.

With Healthloop, a California startup, doctors can send daily emails with information timed to milestones in surgery prep and recovery. The emails can ask patients or caregivers for feedback on specific issues that come up during recovery.

The doctors may write their own email scripts or use the company’s suggestions. An online dashboard helps doctors and administrators keep track of which patients are doing well and who might need more follow-up care.

“There’s a limited number of resources in health care. If you do 500 joint replacements in a year, how do you follow up all of those patients every day?” says Cara Waller, CEO of the Newport Orthopedic Institute. The technology “allows you to direct your energy to people who need the hand-holding.”


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