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Study suggests using emojis makes you appear more friendly — even at work

Posted by @stacytheobald, Wed, Jul 17 2:54pm

In the study, 81% agreed that emoji users seem friendlier and more approachable. While sharing hearts and yellow smiley faces may not feel quite as professional as traditional text, the survey suggests that emojis shouldn’t be left out of the workplace either. Nearly 80% said using an emoji increased likability, while 63% said emojis even positively impacts credibility at work.


A nice article to start thinking about the cultural and language aspects of emojis.
I wonder, they make someone more likable, but would they make someone appear less professional? 🤔

(I tend to use the 🤔 the most to raise a question, but occasionally I will be more creative and use them as a visual representation of a concept — For example, "That start-up company is a 🦄." I don't think they necessarily improve engagement rate too much – for that photos and especially video is the way to go for me.)

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