Study confirms: Twitter is not real life

Posted by @audreylaine, Wed, Apr 24 1:00pm

This survey from the Pew Research Center uses hard data to explain some stark differences between the extremely online and those who tune Twitter out.


"don’t be fooled into thinking that the most popular opinions on Twitter represent the most popular opinions offline. " Interesting study. Thanks for sharing.


The distribution of Twitter users, especially income, is interesting.

Perhaps more interesting though, is this leads to the next question: What exactly is a digital life? I don’t think this is trivial. For example, how many people have been in the room with a doctor and a computer and felt that the computer screen captured more of the docs attention than the patient.

Digital representation, digital constructs of humans via their EHR, has some of the characteristics of a living thing- one being it must be fed (with data) and nurtured. :0(

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