Social Media Success: How to Be Successful on Instagram

Instagram recorded one billion monthly active users in June of 2018 – a number that continues to accelerate. If you’re looking to grow a following and engage with other users, Instagram is the platform to focus your energy on. 

With a simple visual approach, Instagram delivers content to users in a highly satisfying way. It’s easy to discover content you love through hashtags, and even easier to express that love with a “double-tap.” 

Being successful on Instagram depends on more than your follower count and a number of likes. There’s a strategy involved.

Keep reading for tips on how to be successful on Instagram.

Make a List of Competitors
Don’t Be Lazy with Your Bio
Choose a Theme
Create a Content Marketing Plan
Consistency is Key
Include a Call to Action in Every Post
Strategically Use Hashtags
Collaborate with Friends and Influencers
Engage with Users
Consider Buying Followers

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