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Snapchat's Daily Video Views Triple to 6 Billion: Report

Posted by @DanHinmon, Nov 10, 2015

What role could rapidly-growing SnapChat play in healthcare marketing? Anybody experimenting with it? Anybody want to experiment with it?


When I joined Snapchat a few months ago (purely for research purposes…), I noticed a lot of my suggested connections are the 40-something moms I know, probably on there because their teens are. How active they are, I don’t know, but they’re certainly part of our target audience.

Beyond that, our Teen Health Clinic seems like an obvious fit, and they have a great relationship with a lot of their patients. They moved to a new clinic space last year, and that would have been fun to show off in a Snapchat story.

The University of Virginia has an account primarily targeting students, so I’d like to look at how we can work with them. For those who have used Snapchat, how much time do you spend creating each story? Is it worth the effort?

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