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Snapchat Might Be Killing Facebook In One Important Way

Posted by @DanHinmon, Apr 13, 2016

My favorite quote from this article: “We’re all just living in Facebook’s world, but… we can move if we want to.”

Thanks to @westr for sending us this link. He writes, “Another warning about Facebook slumping, this particular article postulates that Snapchat offers something more attractive to its users, not all of whom are young. More reason to frequent Snapchat to stay contemporary.”


While Snapchat is appealing to younger people (and don’t ignore Kik, which
is a major hit with teens), this does NOT means teens are abandoning
Facebook. That myth surfaces every year, and it’s just as wrong every time
it does.


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I’ve hopped on the reinvigorated SnapChat craze just to test the waters – at the invite of Mari Smith recently through her social media group on Facebook. I call it “the toy”. I am yet to translate into a business meaning (in my head). I think I’m in the wrong demographic!

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