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Snapchat, Instagram, and the Rise of the Social-Media Story

Posted by @DanHinmon, Aug 9, 2016

Thanks to @westr for sharing this story with us. As he writes, “This now seems to be the cutting edge of social media, so we all must be fully informed of the where, why, how.”

As the article summarizes:

“As the unlikely meeting place between two platforms that once maintained such distinct identities, the Story feels like a telling instance of consensus. Text is giving way more and more to visual means of expression online (see: emoji, stickers, photos, Snaps, livestreams, VR), but our human inclination to share experiences remains as strong as ever. Stories might not improve our lives, but they’ll at least improve what we post — in part by treating that age-old advice to writers as a rule of engagement: Show, don’t tell.”

If you’re posting Insta-Stories, what success are you having?


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