Skype Introduces Message Drafts, Message Bookmarks, And More

Skype has launched several new features to boost productivity and enrich the chat experience, including message drafts, message bookmarks, and more.

While Skype may be mostly known for its voice and video calling features, it now wants to develop its messaging further with a few new dedicated features to improve its overall chat experience. The new features include draft messages, message bookmarks, media and file previews, a new approach to display multiple photos or videos, and split window support for all versions of Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Probably the most important of these, message drafts helps you remember the messages you typed but didn’t send. Just like with your favourite email client, messages that are written but not sent will be saved in the conversation and be marked with the [draft] tag. This will let you quickly recognise, finish, and send them later on. And what’s more, drafts will be available to you when you leave the app and come back later. Read more.

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